The Eternal City is a game of socialization and roleplaying. Players from all over the world join together in cooperation in the streets of Iridine for adventure and intrigue. They interact as members of numerous organizations and political factions, from one of many of the gangs of thieves that rule Iridine’s poorer quarters; to the soldiers and officers of Legio I; to the political factions of the Senate; to the selfless Corpus Salutari, who promise healing to all.

The Eternal City is a game of conflict. The combat system in The Eternal City is one of the most realistic available in any online game. It supports numerous fighting styles, allowing for skulking archers using bows and arrows, brawny gladiators armed with net and trident, and proper soldiers wielding gladius and shield. Every combat style is different, and every warrior learns to battle in his own unique way.

The Eternal City is a game of skills and achievement. Although characters might become grandmasters in the warrior skills, this is not the only path open to them. Healers, outdoorsmen, locksmiths, and thieves are among the many possible professions in Midlight, with new skill sets being added all the time.

The Eternal City is a game of exploration of an ancient world. Ravaged battlefields, lost realms, dark swamps, and dank sewers are just a few of the areas ready for adventure.

The possibilities are endless.

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