The Masked Civilization

By Cloud19

The cool wind swept by the fashioned warrior. His black silk cape flapped cooly. It had been long since he had last set out from his homeland. His armor was uncomfortable, and didn't fit him right anymore. His sword was dull and unpolished, and his shield had many dents. None the less, he was a seasoned warrior- at least he had been - and he would not sit around and watch his hometown get helplessly raided by thieves. He joined the accompanying adventurers near the High Council. Upon arrival, he found himself amongst a group of strangers. A white robed beauty, a red robed mystery, and a man draped in black from head to toe. The Head of the High Council stood from his seat and cleared his throat. "As you know, a thieves guild, dubbed "The Black Crows", have been ransacking our city for some time now. I have employed you brave warriors to stop them. This is our first counter-attack... make it the last." His face grew stern. "My personal guard here," he guestured to a well armored man standing next to him, "will escort you to the entrance and allow you in, but will return afterwards. You must bring back the leader of this organization, dead or alive, and you will receive your payment. Good luck to you." The warrior nodded to the High Council, and followed the guard outside. The guard led them southwest along the cobbled road until they came to what appeared to be a giant boulder. The guard approached the bolder and began running his hands across it's surface. After some time, he came to a stop in some grooves with his right hand, and did the same with his left. Turning his hands counter-clockwise and clockwise, respectively, a portion of the rock began to shift. Soon a small opening was visible. The guard gestured to the opening and left back for the palace. Each person gave the others a sideways glance, all being distrustful of the rest. The black shrouded man stepped in first to be ambushed by a short man. Having been trained in the martial arts, the black cloaked man made a grab for the thief. He successfully held him in a headlock. Hearing struggling, the warrior, Sernacus darted in and saw the man holding on to a thief. Hearing a scraping noise, Sernacus whipped his head around and his sword with it and brought it crashing down on another thieve's neck, sending the thief to the ground. A flash of light burst in the darkness as the white-robed woman lit her torch. With a loud "thunk" the headlocked thief fell to the ground, and the black shrouded man known as Dark quickly bound his hands. "Where's the red one?" Dark asked. The three looked around, but he was no where to be found. "Damn coward," Dark muttered. "C'mon you two, let's go." Dark grabbed the torch from the white robed woman and began into the cave, but soon stopped abruptly. "Shh.. you hear that?" Dark said. He listened, as did the other two. A deep gurgle and disgusting stabbing sound interrupted Sernacus. He quickly turned to look at Dark and found him falling to the ground. The torch went out. Sernacus scrambled backwards, falling down in the process. "No!" he screamed. "Please, no! I'll do anything! What do you want-"

The body landed with a nice "thud." The last thing he remembered was a slight chuckle echoing throughout the cave.


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