Endless Journey

By Long47

Blood ran down Rinath's body as it mixed with sweat and rainwater. "This isn't how I planned on dieing,"Rinath said to himself. He stared at five warriors and the two he had already managed to kill. His spear shaft had almost snapped twice under the great wieght of the many gladius. He had turned from a full fledge battle to a simple staring contest. Rinath could feel himself blackening out as he tried to stay awake."This is really bad!"thought Rinath dodging an attack and swing his spear hoping to draw some blood. With every breath he found it harder and harder to stay on his feet, he knew the end was near. After surviving so much,you got to go sometime.He jumped back up to full alertness as two women jumped from behind him. One carried only a simple quarterstave, the other a gladius and a shield with a skull on it. he watched as the two women made short work of the five fighters, leaving none alive. Then they turned to face him."I didn't ask for your help!"exclaimed Rinath in a very harsh voice."This was our war before you started meddling around in it," cried the one woman carrying the shield."You had no....no...n,"studdered Rinath as he fell down with a thud."Men,"said the woman with the quarterstave as they carried off Rinath.


Rinath awoke and almost jumped from the cot he was sleeping in. He immediately reached for his spear, and found it no where.He then studied his surroundings and found himself in a tent with a few healers tending to the wounded nearby.He jumped to his feet and grabbed one of the healer by their robe."Where are my weapons!"cried Rinath, scaring the healer."Didn't you know weapons aren't allowed in hospices," came a voice from the enterance to the tent.Rinath turned to face him and found the two women he had meet before right beside of him."Return my weapons, I must be on my way," said Rinath annoyed with this whole thing. The man snapped his fingers and a servant brought in the small sheath that held his dirk and the spear his father had made for him."Why were you crossing through our lands?"asked the man."I am traveling from Blackroot to Iridine and was told this the quickest way," said Rinath."You are right this is the fastest, but we are at war with another community here,"said the woman still carrying the shield.Rinath looked puzzled, til he saw all around him, every person here had a skull somewhere on their bodies."What other communities?"asked Rinath still not sure of the whole story."We are called the Trijan Community, translated into your Iridinian toungue Order of the Skull.A rival community is battling us for this area, you were caught up in our battle,"said the man."Ok, I see now but I don't think I should get in...,"Rinath's words were cut short as a loud trumpet sounded."To battle,"cried the man,"the enemy is upon us!"Rinath followed them outside to see what was happening. Sure enough there was a large force of men and women headed toward the camp."Here we go again,"thought Rinath as he wielded his spear. He watched as man and metal clashed, Rinath decided joining the action wasn't a bad idea so he charge into the men. Rinath killed three men before recieving as much as a scratch, but was being outnumbered very quickly. Hearing a cry Rinath turned to see the man from the tent being knocked down and his enemy raising his weapon to kill him."Don't think so,"Rinath cried as he rammed his shoulder into him knock him down, and then killing him with his spear."Thank you, you saved my life," said the man as he stood to his feet."My pleasure,"said Rinath turning to face his other opponents.


The battle raged on for about an hour and Rinath's spear was dipped in alot more blood.But the Trijans won the battle and Rinath was told had definately crippled their enemy. "You did a fine service, and I feel you must be told that you may from this day forward call yourself a member of the Trijan Community,"said the man, Rinath learned was their leader."I will live to deserve the honor, but I can not stay here, I must travel onward to Iridine,"said Rinath."I have taken that into consideration and have realized that in Iridine you would be the only Trijan there. So I decided that Anex and Kitana, your two friends from your first battle here will accompany you,"said the man motioning to the woman with the shield and her companion.Rinath shrugged as he waved to the man."You can come, but you have to keep up," said Rinath to Anex and Kitana."Like that will be hard," said Kitana jokingly. "You know we have a long ways to travel from here to Iridine, and will probaly be on more adventures then you can count on your fingers,"said Rinath as he marched out of the small collection of tents."I'm up for it, what else is there to do?"asked Anex as they walked side by side."You do know where were going right?" asked Kitana."Yeah, well get there some day," said Rinath and he and the women marched foward, with one destination on their minds.

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