Kurgen's Son

By Long47

Kurgen looked out from underneath his hood onto the open sea. The green gladius shimmered in the sunlight as it rested soundly in its sheath. It had been four days since Kurgen had arrived at the dock of a small village and found a small fishing vessel. He had paid in gold coins and asked not to be questioned about his past or why he was going to Iridine. He stayed on deck during the day and below during the night never speak with any of the crew just staring on into the sea. Kurgen was taking this time to think of his wife, he had managed to get word form up north that she had died, so Kurgen journeyed to say his goodbyes. "Land Ho," cried one of the sailorsa nd Kurgen looked upon the shore of Iridine one more time. Wasn't long after that Kurgen stepped onto the shore of the city once more. of course only on things could great the warlord fairly. "Sir, you are under arrest for impersonation, you can't wear hoods any more," said a constable stepping up to Kurgen with two of his friends. "Excuse me officers but I want no trouble here, I am merely here to pay tribute to my deceased wife," said Kurgen trying to act peaceful."Well sir, please tell us what your identity it and remove the hood and we can let you go," said the constable. "I am Kurgen, Bringer of Peace," said Kurgen letting the green cloak transform into a green tunic and breeches."Magic!" yelled the three constables in unison as they began to strike out at Kurgen. Kurgen moved quickly and dodge the first three blows, he managed to reached his gladius and pull it out."Quarterstave," said Kurgen to his blade as it grew longer and wooden. Kurgen then began to block blow for blow, he managed to break on constables thigh, anothers wrist, and knock another out. "Please don't both me again," said Kurgen. He stepped passed them and his clothes once again took the form of a hooded cloak. "Gladius," said Kurgen putting his sword back in its home."So far this hasn't been a pleasant trip," said Kurgen walking towards the Stone Toga Inn. It didn't take long til he reached the Stone Toga and he was quite luck no one was around. Kurgen then marched a few feet to where Sindal and himself had used to live. Of course the place was empty, but he sat there remebering for sometime what had happened. He then heard a familair voice in his head, "Hello everyone" thought Cembre. Kurgen bit his tongue, it would not help him right now to reveal himself, so he just wandered back outside and moved behind the Toga. There he found was he was looking for, on the shores of the pond behind the Toga was a small wooden post marking the place where Sindal laid. Kurgen pulled his gladius from its sheath and knelt down with its tip in the ground."Sindal, I am sorry I left you and our son, but I was left no other choice," said Kurgen reverantly to his wife."Are you sure you had to leave," said a voice from behind him. Kurgen didn't look up till a gladius was put on his shoulder. "Why do you kneel here dog, she would not want to see your face," said the voice behind him again. Kurgen stood up, just shrugging off the gladius and facing the likeness of himself."Son, its me your father I returned to you I'm sorry for leaving but I had.." Kurgen was cut short as a gladius slashed him across the chest."I have no father," said the boy lunging at Kurgen. Kurgen was now ready though and blocked the pathetic lunge and countered nicely with a chop to the head. With suprising speed the boy moved his gladius over head to intercept."You fight well, almost like me," said Kurgen trying to find an opening."Its a shame a father wasn't here to teach me how to fight," said the boy spitting at Kurgen."We don't have to do this son, we can start over," said Kurgen trying to reason with him."I don't need you," said the boy trying a lunge again. Kurgen blocked again but this time not countering, he instead wave his free hand and an image appeared over Sindal's grave. "Son why do you betray me?" questioned the image. "Mother I don't betray you, I am getting revenage for you against the dog that left you to die," said the boy, but when he turned to look for Kurgen he was gone along with the image of his mother."I will hunt you too the ends of the earth dog!" yelled Kurgen's son up into the sky. Kurgen watched for awhile from up in the tree he had climbed into. he couldn't believe his son had become like this, like Kurgen Destroyer of Dreams."Is that your destiny child, to be like your father too the death?" asked Kurgen into the night wind. "Maybe it was wrong for you too return," said an old man who appeared beside Kurgen. "Maybe, but I still had to pay my respects to Sindal," said Kurgen looking down at his wife's grave. "Kurgen, I was sent to get you, you are need right now somewhere else, so I will show you a trick you will love," said the man," bid goodbye to her." Kurgen let a tear slide down one cheek as he whispered,"Goodbye my love." "Let yourself into the wind now Kurgen, allow it to flow through and around you," said the old man. Kurgen did as he said too and he began to feel wierd, he looked down upon himself and saw his body turning into grains of sand. The wind then picked up those grains, too carry Kurgen away too a place of ultimate dreed and slavery.

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