Kurgen's Last Hope

By Long47

Kurgen dragged his bruised feet the few steps needed to reach the door. He had traveled almost non-stop from Iridine to Parcine. He rested for 2 hours a day and then was back up catching food as he walked. Kurgen had yet to find a city or inn that hadn't turned him away. The Legio had made sure every man,woman, and child knew his face and how threatening he was. The only relief he had was when he fought some of the bandits on the road before him. He even managed to steal a hooded cloak from one. He kept the hood about his face at all times, trying to look less and less like the person he was. Kurgen has many new scars to show the reaction he recieved from people, but he still tried every inn or city he came upon. This one was alittle different though, it was the last real sign of civilization before you reached the Blackroot Mountain Range. If he didn't find some shelter here he would be forced to see how far south the world went. He slowly crept to the door and checked to see if his cloak was still tightly pulled. He then stepped inside, he was not suprised to see the entire room filled with men and women who looked like bandits or soldiers of fortane. One man did stand out, he was quite old and was dressed almost as if he belonged in a temple. He noticed how the people gave him a wide berth and stayed as far away as possible, never making eye contact with him. It was then whispers went through the inn about the tall man covered in a hooded cloak standing before them. Some warriors placed a hand on their weapons, some just went back to their business, and the old man didn't even look up. "Howdy stranger, what can I get for you," said the bartender."Get me an ale," said Kurgen harsely again drawing stares from the crowd. Kurgen then got his mug and stepped over to the old man's table and sat down."What are you about old timer," said Kurgen. "It is none of your concern hooded warlord," said the old man not looking up at him."Warlord? you must be joking, if I'm a warlord where is my little army," said Kurgen laughing."You don't have one Kurgen, Destroyer of Dreams, you have no friends and no acknowledged family," said the old man matter-of-factly. The name Kurgen pulled some more attention to him as Kurgen spoke alittle worried," How do you know this?" "My god tells me of your demon that Ereal will not release you from," said the old man not waving," he will not grant you release Kurgen, Destroyer of Dreams." "Why is it I am doomed to be evil then," Kurgen said this time laughing at himself. "You are doomed because you chose to be, Every man has one god that is the true one only for him, and Ereal is not your god," said the old man."You must be joking, Ereal is the only god," said Kurgen this time acting all smart. "No! Ereal has made his servants blind the hearts of men, if you would try and free yourself from it you would know the truth and be free," said the old man standing and beckoning to Kurgen to follow. Kurgen was led out the door where the man pointed to an old road. "If you follow that road you will reach the place where the earth was formed and it is upon that ground you will find your answers. Kurgen then jumped as he heard a small child scream. Kurgen turned to look and then back to find the old man no where or the child."STUPID MAGIC!!" yelled Kurgen at the top of his lungs, but something inside still pulled toward the road and Kurgen unknowingly began to follow it.


Kurgen had been walking on the road for along time and now when he faced a man on the road fliping a coin."Clear yourself from the road that I might pass," said Kurgen drawing his gladius to help make his point."I don't think so some how, unless you can pay the toll," said the man nowing pulling out an oddly glowing green staff."I will not pay, so we must fight," said Kurgen approuching the man."I guess so," said the man swinging his staff. Kurgen and the man faced off well for awhile until Kurgen began to tire some. As his guard began to relax the man began to tap him in place that if he would have struck with full force it would have killed Kurgen."You dishonor me so you must die," said Kurgen taking in the battlerage. He lunged at the man with renewed streng and slightly managed a small cut. He then began some quick twist and turns with his gladius putting the man off balance. Kurgen then began some fients to the groin area and then punched the man in his face. Kurgen then laughed, He brought his gladius up for one more drop right on the man's back, when he disappeared. Kurgen yelled and searched everywhere looking for the man. "Continue on good walord," came the familair voice of the old man out of nowhere.


Kurgen reached the small circle of ruined temples without further trouble. It looked like a god and goddess for everything was honored here, except for Ereal. Ereal had no statue or temple to honr him. Kurgen laughed," Ereal has the world, let these gods have this place." Kurgen then turned to walk back to the inn until he felt a tug. It wasn't a physical one, but one of the heart. Kurgen looked around and his eyes fixed on one specific temple. His heart began to jump at the temples sight and Kurgen could do nothing but answer its call. Kurgen stepped insided the ruined temple and saw the only thing not beaten down, the statue of the god. Kurgen approuched it with curiousity and read its label."Dycrus, god of peace and the earth." "Peace, well this isn't the god for me," said Kurgen holding back a chuckle. Kurgen then felt he was being pulled again and once again he answered this time he knelt before the statue. He heard words being uttered from his mouth as he knelt," Great god Dycrus answer my call bring peace to my heart and allow me to serve your greatness." Kurgen then felt a great burden lefted from him and he didn't fell any violent urges to fight. Kurgen then realized peace, but as peace came so quickly it left as well. The floor where he knelt began to crack and Kurgen plumeted down into the darkness. Once his eyes adjusted alittle he could make out the room as a meeting hall. He looked and a line of seats went all the way up to the front. There infront was a table on which rested a dark green cloak and a gladius of an oddly green color. Kurgen then felt drawn to them and he walked right up to the table. He throw down his old gladius and picked up the new one and admired it. It felt perfect in his hand almost as if it belonged there. He then throw down his cloak and picked up the green one which he gladly wore. It too felt comfortable and warm, it felt as if it belonged on his back. "Kurgen, let not your name be the Destroyer of Dreams but Kurgen Bringer of Peace," said the old man's voice out of nowhere," know this about your weapon and cloak. At times of great need Dycrus will great that the gladius can form any weapon known to any person may he be god or man. He also grants the magical cloak you wear which has the ability to change into any type of clothing you may need. Kurgen, Bringer of Peace, go back into the world that despised you and teach it once again of the glories of your great god. Remeber this above anything else, whenever you are in need pray to our god and he will send an aid to you, as he sent me too the inn you visited. May our god grant you peace and magic." Kurgen then watched as a doorway opened and light shown through. Kurgen immediately went for the door and stepped outside to re-enter the world that hated him. To bring peace to the land.


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