Kurgen On Culladien Island

By Long47

"They are on their way here Kurgen, It won't be long until they arrive and hunt you," said the voice in Kurgen's head. Ever since the sand clung together and brought his towering, dark form to Culliaden that voice had been after him. "I know their are coming you fool," Kurgen said aloud. Kurgen managed to get quiet again as he saw the Cineran patrol looking back his way. "They are coming to kill you, Warlord Kurgen, they will not fail," said the voice more demanding. "Enough of this!" yelled Kurgen charging from underneath his hiding place. "Bow and arrows," yelled Kurgen at his gladius as the shimmering green began to change. Kurgen fired the arrows, they streaked across the air nailing each patrolmen in chest."They come to kill you...."


"Sir, the magical man took one of our patrols today," said a sargent to his commander. "I can't believe this, that is what, the second or third patrol just this week!" said the commander very angry, "Take 100 or so men and kill him, I don't care what it takes. With this war we can't afford losing men, NOW GO!" "Are you sure that is wise commander. I sense this magic force he has, it comes from his god. We of course know Ravan the stronger, I believe I shall send some birds to hunt this man down, No wait, I have it. I shall send the Trynrat after him, he couldn't beat that," said a man stepping from behind the shadows. "Fine do whatever, but this man has to die," said the commander not even willing to look up at him. The man just smiled


Kurgen sat quietly in the tree eating a recently killed snake. "Troubled my son," came the familair voice of Kurgen's mentor. "You could say that I guess, its just its hard to do what I was sent to do with this voice bothering me, who or what is it?" asked Kurgen sincerely. "It my friend is a ghost telling you the truth. We are not the only ones seek answers for Moonfall, and some of the other gods and goddess won't care for you to much," said the man quietly. "So the ghost is a friend then?" asked Kurgen looking at his friend. "That I am not sure of, but I guess time will tell. Right now I would worry about Iridine as your friends from there are so many," said the mentor chuckling. "They won't come here for answers, Iridinians and Altenians have always been full of themselves, thinking their great nations hold the answers for everything," said Kurgen chuckling with his friend. They were interrupted by the ground rumbling under their feet. "Here comes a challenge boy, enjoy," said the man throwing his hand up and disappearing. "Typical move by him," said Kurgen sliding down out of the tree. Kurgen wished he had stayed up there when he saw the beast, 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide, it was all muscle and was almost human in appearance, except for the dark skin and the ravanite eyes. "Greetings I am Kurgen, Bringer of Peace, and who are you?" asked Kurgen. A foot stomping launched at him was his answer. Kurgen barely dodging it, pulled forth his gladius and charged forward. Kurgen rammed his gladius into the skin to have it only turned back as if he had stabbed a mail cuirass of iron. Kurgen then began slashes, still having no effect. "This is bad," said Kurgen barely dodging a large hand dropped towards him. Kurgen then used his speed and managed to crawl up onto the creature's back. "Day worthless scum," yelled Kurgen jamming his gladius into the creature's eye and up into his brain. "That was easy," laughed Kurgen until the ground shook. "Not another one," said Kurgen, but he wasn't that lucky. He looked down the ground had opened up, swallowing him and the monster, but to where?

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