The Starlit Sky

By Cloud19

Lightning struck as swords clashed. It had been the most horrific battle the dragon rider had ever seen. Many battles had plagued the earth, scarring its surface and its morale. High above the battle, Karuuz soared mounted upon his Silver Steed, Anmeus. Lightning struck again, this time near the dragon. Karuuz patted his loyal pet in an attempt to calm him, but it did little. The battle was dwindling. Karuuz sighed as he saw that the city which he had defended would be overwhelmed by the invading ogres. The bloodstained battlefield was quickly washing away under the pouring rain. It was growing hard for Anmeus to keep steady. Another flash of lightning crashed down, striking a guard tower and sent it toppling on the city walls. The earth shook, causing the remaining warriors to stumble and fall. The earth cracked open and searing lava burst from it. Molten rock poured over the entire area, burning everything in its path. The heat rose into the air, Searing Karuuz and his stead and sent them plummeting into the firey grave.

The storm calmed, and the clouds parted. The lava cooled, and the earth closed. The only thing that remained was a starlit sky. In a mist, a shimmering figure decended from the starlit sky to the scorched earth. The figure set foot upon the cooling rock, then kneeled down and kissed the earth softly. Flowers and trees of every kind began to sprout up from the rock. Grass covered the land, and creatures began to fill the foilage. hus the cycle of the earth was renewed, and the earth reborn, making all things pure.

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