Tribal Chant of Revenge

By Amarad

Bright azure eyes
Burnt by the sun
Beauty withers and dies
Please don't come undone

So a life worth living ends in a second
Look at the blood writing up on the wall
Seems that something beyond this life beckoned
No one's there to catch you when you fall
I wanted to say I fought for you
But if I did then I would lie
I guess that some saviour forgot you
Those who don't deserve it die

Some stories aren't worth being told
My fists are red, blood running to the sea
There's no beauty that won't grow old
Spirits of vengence I will you to me

Hear the tortured cries of my kin
You and I, we are one in the same
Let the final revolution begin
Thier last words will be them screaming my name

Her eyes shown azure
Out shine the sun
The weak killed the pure
Mercy for NO ONE

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