Song for Toshiro

By Dragonldee

You talk about you and only you, and the things you can do for you. You say you're more than a meal so I wanna see whatcha got on the menu Now, if you think you're the man, the only man with an exterior you feel is superior Just give Kylara a little peek and see if you really can deliver Your tendancies are short, my expectations are long and as I see it now there's not much to go on It seems you've dug a hole you can't crawl out Now I see what you are truly all about Don't brag about your diamond rings Or the expensive clothes you wear 'Cause I could care less for what you possess and your attitude needs repair Don't brag about your body Toshy And say you're packing alot 'Cause all I see besides your big feet is that you got big socks Let's just say there's something lacking A flea shouldn't have the nerve to go bragging So pack up your little gift and go steppin' Return it back and put it in the kiddie section Full figured in a place that can deliver? Ha Ha not from what I have seen I can't trace what's below your waist There's too much space to be inside those leggings bye bye Toshy bye bye It's time to wave the white flag now that this kitten has let it all out of the bag.

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