The Summer Rose

By Cyanicus

A popular love ballad during Tulca's time, soon after the founding of Iridine, the name of the writer of this tune has disappeared into the obscurities of history, but the song lives on in some of the smaller towns and even in the artisan's district of Iridine.

The summer ro-se
The serene autumn sky
The clouds above me,
Fluttering softly by÷

The rising su-n
Pushing the fog aside
Dawning o'er the
The fields of golden rye

As you look at me,
And me at you
I wonder what's in store÷

As you look at me,
And me at you
While the waves wash on to shore÷

The nightingale sings,
She sings a lovely song
Her whistles echo
Echo beyond the stars

The flowers wither
The leaves fall from the sky
Ereal above me
Waves a solemn goodbye

As you look at me,
And me at you
While the sun makes her last run

As you look at me,
And me at you
As the moons shine from above÷

I never thought that
The nights would last so long÷
I never dreamed that
You'll leave me in the storm

The whips and scorns of time
The winter's bitter wind
Are my only friends alive

And when you return
Your face lights up the sky
Your golden sunrays
Bathe me in a serene light

Your smile has warmed me up
Removed the scars
And has outshone the distant stars

As you look at me÷
And me at you÷
You are the life
That keeps my soul alight÷

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