The Secret Song

By Dragonldee

She wakes in an unmade bed In a cozy little cluttered room She hums to herself as she mixes her tea Their song, that just wonít leave her heart.

ìWhere this arrow strikes no heart shall escape such a tiny little reminder for so many in her wake her greatest friends hold a heartís arrow and yet for two her scars still show for this little arrow on her thigh, brings memories back to the love who died without her heart to call his and of the one who hurt her so carelessly but, more than them this irony.î ìThe tat placed there to remind her of one. whose dark brown eyes captured her, and his song would not let go her soul for this man her thigh was marked in vain hope that someday it would be she could have her biggest desire and finally conquer her biggest fear for true love in this world be so rare in her heart it beat for him, only him.î

This secret tune makes her smile As he stirs and wakes to kiss her She looks into those dark brown eyes Saying so casually, ìmorning my loveî As he responds she wonders, ìDoes he know how much he owns my very soul?î

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