An Ode To Posca

By Drunser

Sitting there, on the bar in a small glass.
You can bet your ass that it's the best drink by far.
Posca, posca. It's wine that tastes like crap.
Posca, posca.
You'll never remove the smell if you drop it into your lap.
(undertone) Tastes and smells like crap, yeah...
Grab the wench beside you, forget what your wife is making you do.
And after a while, don't be ashamed if you're in need of a loo.
Yeah, it's posca, posca
The drink that burns your tongue.
It's posca, posca.
Good if you want the liquid out of your lungs!
(spoken) Stone Toga Inn posca... you know what you want... and what you're able to afford.

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