The Battlefield

By Ridelle Luminus

The battlefield approaches, you look around this place
you see looks of suprises, and some of extreme grace.
Everyone is ready for battle, except the normal few
who are sitting in the back, trying to tie their boots

Welcome to the battlefield, Where warriors dreams are made
Welcome to the battlefield, where you could end up dead
Welcome to the battlefield, where nothings to extreme
Welcome to the battlefield, A place for you and me

The hills are very rocky, the rivers very deep
but nothin's gonna stop you, from gettin to this place
The enemies flanks approach you, Shouting battle cry's
but you cant see the enemy, because your stuck in the second line!


you can hear steal clashing, right infront of your face
an enemy is charging, heading for your waist
You feal these are your last moment, in this world tonight
but you get ut of it safely, without saying "bye midlight"


Your side has the advantage, very few enemy still stand
Your captain shouts the order, to wipe out what is left
Charging into battle, the enemy starts to run
But you wont let this happen, because your startin to have fun


The enemy has fallen, you begin to celebrate
you walk into the city, greeting with cheers and embrace
You know that your A hero, and walk home for A meal
congradulations troop, you survived the battlefield!

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