Battle and beverages

By Ballouve

I'll go to war, I'll battle hard,
As long as I get food.
Search around the battle yard,
Make the blood look good,
I'll die for my land, I'll die for freedom,
but if I die, I'll be mad if i didn't get a turnip
If I do not get my food the bag guys, I might have to eat 'em.
Is that cherry wine yer drinking, please give me a sip.


I'll go to war, I'll die for freedom's call,
And all i ask for in return is a great cake you'd have to haul.
Cherry pie and chicken soup,
Potatoe fries, chocolate delights, as long as there's no poop.

Everybody! get to yer gardens now, I'll save the town!
But while yer there, get vegtibles and fruit.
If you don't I'll fight like a coward, against the evil horde
Mix yer salads, grill yer fish
forget about yer balads, and you, don't call me selfish

When the war is ove',
and that's only if we've won,
I hope to see a great big bore,
or atleast some pie shined on by the sun,
Don't worry, the wor is almost gone,
he cooked me up a salad
So now sing yer songs,
And of course yer balads

Yes! now the war is finished
I'm proud to say we've won
but saly it's not the same for the kitchens,
I have no pie shined in sun.
I'm so glad it's over, we can now cook up a feast
keep the good men soffer, and I'll cook up up the beast


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