A little Barbarian Song

By Amarad Nightsbane

Aye, my brothers, hoist that beam
Aye, my friends, break that stone
Aye, me lad, dig that stream
Strong be hand and heart and bone!

Though today we're crushed under townie boots
Ya can't get the whole tree if ya don't get the roots
The townie whip can snap and crack
But the burden'll never break my back!
For now level the forest and haul the logs
One day we'll whip them townie dogs
They can beat us and take our lives
One day we'll burn thier town and take thier wives
(we got many a whippin for that part~snicker~)

But listen here for yer own sake
A "barbarian" heart will never break
Go ahead, break my bones, tear my flesh
After a short bath of fire I'll come back fresh!
When the sun sets and the day is done
Then we'll see the townies run
On the townie's land we'll trod
Let em' try to stop the serpant god
Townie scum, can't do yer own work
Go ahead and try ya big jerk
Cause one day it is I who'll be free
And I won't force you to work for me

You should be ashamed of what you've done
Now I bake under this sun
But we all got the right to be free
So get on an even field then face me!
When yer gone I'll remember you
and everything you put me Through
And I'll make sure I always wonder
Why ya killed my friends and stole my thunder
But one day I'll be back on my feet!
Then! Mr. Townie! You'll know defeat!

Aye! My brothers! Work all day long!
Aye! My friends! Break that stone!
Show them town rats that yer strong!
Strong be Hand and Heart and Bone!

(no offense to all the townies who don't think they deserve respect just out of merit)

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