Antequides' Song

By Dragonldee

Oh so tall and fair,
So full of life he was,
A friend, a comrade, a loss,
As Iridine weeps for him,
I smile.
A memory comes to me...
Of a rainy night spent
Hid away from the storn,
Of ale, of laughter, of toasts,
He bragged of recipes
I laughed.
His concotions so well known...
And yet as I listened,
I thought "Boy you can't hold ale."
Then THUD!
Our laughter rang out
Through the rain
I'll remember him always
As I drink this tea.
I smile.
With every creamy cinnamon sip,
I recall the great man
Who made it for me
My friend, my comrade,
My Antequides.

In memory of Antequides, you are missed and never forgotten, my friend.

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