Drinking Song

By 200XR

The day grows old,
Lucifal do your work,
Let me drink, and drink more ale,
Goodness... I am not drunk,
I act not the jerk.

Lustful women,
Offer yourself to me,
Fill me full of ale,
and my pouch dry.

My stomach full,
My head is buzzed,
I can't see my feet no more,
and there's a fly.... I can hear it buzzzz.

Leaning right,
Tilting left,
My cup I drain,
and leave none left.

Burb and slurp,
Think I care?,
This beer is for me,
and I drink with flair.

The end of the song,
Is comming thus,
My pouch is empty,
My thirst is quenched,
I look around,
Where's my wench?

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