Dangerous Sewers

By Chino

This is a true story about hunting in the sewers that nearly cost me my life. Dont laugh, the sewers can be very dangerous, especially by yourself. Well now, where to begin....

I climbed down the ladder, my gladious and a glowing torch in hand, I was headed to the sewers to hunt for some oseys. As I walked around the sewers for awhile, I finally came across an osey. I began to fight him, getting in a few good hits, when another osey walked in and joined his brother's battle. Well, as I was fighting, my torch suddenly went out, my only torch. I quickly ran out of the sewers and over to Ses's shop and purchased a few torches, then rushed back to the sewers eager to fight somemore. As luck would have it, I found my two friends, and we started battling again. I killed one of the oseys, and then focused on the remaining one. But, soon another osey walked in and I was fighting two again. This time though, as I was fighting a rat came in and joined. I was holding my own quite well, and I was pleased. I had nearly killed one of the oseys when the rat stunned me. Then the vermin had a hayday, they kept attacking me left and right until finally I became unstunned. This is about the time I noticed blood trickling down my forehead, into my eyes, making it impossible to hit anything. So I did the smart thing, and retreated and left the sewers. I went to the Stone Toga Inn to get healed. I got bandaged up, and I sat around and rested for abit. Then, against any healers advice, I decided to go back to the sewers for some more hunting. As I climbed down the ladder, I thought to myself, 'I'll stick close, and just hunt for a few minutes,' but I managed to wander farther from the entrance than I should have. Eventually I came across a lone osey, and began battling it. I could tell that I was hurt, it was very difficult to hit it. While I was fighting, another osey came in and joined forces against me. Then, much to my surprise, a third osey came in and also attack me. Luck would have it, a rat and yet another osey came in to join the brawl. I was managing myself quite well, till I got stunned by the rat. Then all the vermin made me into a human practice dummy. I was taking hits everywhere. This continued for a while, I got myself stunned three or four times. My sagum and boots are the only things that really saved my life. They took many a hits for me. *kiss sagum**pat tattered black cloth boots* Finally I was able to retreat and ran away one room. But, who knows how, the rat and an osey managed to catch me and stun me one more time. I took another three or four good hits before I was able to retreat and run towards safety. As I ran, blood trickled down my forehead, I had reinjured my head injury. I also noticed blood pouring from my back, as well as my shoulder, leg, and left thigh. I was in a desperate situation. I called for a healer to meet me at the Toga. I climbed the ladder, and was starting to feel abit woozy. I made it to the Toga, and collapsed on the street. I had passed out from loss of blood. Luckily Wirrut, came along quickly and started to bandage me. I had lost a lot of blood, and was in a dangerous predicament. Wirrut quickly bandages me though and stopped the bleeding, thus saving my life. But I was unconscious well over an hour, and I just lay there thinking "Please dont let me die!!!" I also thought to myself'How come vermin always come when you dont want them to, but when your looking for them, they are nowhere to be found.' This time I followed the healers advice and stayed put till I felt better. Now Im nearly healed and Risca Maffrey is ready to continue his hunted adventures.

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