Thank you Gen Con attendees!

Our plan for months had been to unveil Skotos to the world at Gen Con Game Fair2000. To prepare for the auspicious occasion, we all worked hard, very, very hard. Everyone was filled with great anticipation – this was our first time presenting our new online game service. How our message would be received.

We could not have been happier at the result!

Our convention crew met hundreds of folks – media and story writers, game publishers, people with great ideas for stories, and many, many gamers who love to roleplay and want to be involved with great games. Some people understood what we were doing right off, others were not as familiar with our style of online games and needed more explanation. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive from everyone.

We signed up nearly 1,000 people to help us for our beta test for our first Grand Theatre, Castle Marrach. Those first guests have come from all "walks of gaming," – those who have played MUDs or MUSHes, old-fashioned pen and paper roleplayers, "Ever-crack" addicts trying to kick the habit, people who have never played an online game before, and people who have been online-gaming for years.

About fifty people submitted StoryBuilder proposals to create worlds for us at the convention, and for many of them we were able to show off our developer tools. We’re still getting faxes [and expect to for a little while longer] from people who needed "just a little more time" than they had at the convention – please get the final proposals to us by August 31st. There are many, many great ideas, as creative people abound in roleplaying. It will be difficult to choose the "Skotos Seven," but we promise we shall do so, and share the decision with everyone by September 28th.

A number of game publishers approached us wanting to put their popular and exciting games on our service. We can’t tell you who they are just yet, but as soon as we can, we promise you’ll be the first to know!

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Where does Skotos go next?

We are in the final stretch to get Castle Marrach ready for the September 21st beta test. We’ll be contacting everyone who signed up at Gen Con with available dates for when they can join in. If you’ve signed up and do not hear from us by August 31st, your email bounced. Please email us with your name as you filled it out in our invitation survey to We’ll get you back on the list and on your way to the beta!

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