2/21Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities: Building Block Examples: The Hologram Nexus – #61: Shannon puts his money where his mouth is regarding Building Blocks.

3/19 – Galactic Emperor: Hegemony gates out from beta and into release. Discover a completely different strategy game.

2/19 Biting the Hand: I 0Wn Y0o, d00d – Jessica delves into the notions of item ownership in MMORPGs.

2/7 – Version 2.1 of the Castle Marrach Player's Guide is now available for download.

2/1 Building Stories, Telling Games: Exploring Genres: Fantasy, part 3 – #26: Travis addresses the problems and solutions for fantasy subgenres.

7/10Galactic Emperor: Succession is BACK! Save the Empire from the Vl'Hurgh and get elected Emperor NOW!

6/1The Eternal City joins the Skotos flagship games lineup!

Castle Marrach
The Eternal City
Skotos Welcome Room

desktopsAn Intro to StoryPlaying

StoryPlayers are the folks who enjoy playing in the Skotos online games. Welcome! We've created this community for you! Some of you may decide that you'd like to tell stories or create worlds, but we expect most of you will be happy right here – interacting with the fictional worlds that we've created.

The Skotos games are roleplaying experiences. That means you'll be taking on the roles of other people in other worlds. In Castle Marrach you might be a duelist with no memory of your past; in Galactic Emperor: Succession you might be an alien invertebrate attempting to gain rulership of the galaxy; in The Bane you might be a worshipper of the Sun god with uncertain loyalties. You'll get to explore new worlds and see them through different eyes.

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