Galactic Emperor: Succession
Rules Quick Reference

We highly recommend printing this reference out, as it will be invaluable for learning Galactic Emperor: Succession.

Racial Specialties

All races start with 50 specialists of various types. The majority, however, are of the race's specialty type, as listed below.

  • IYALI start with an abundance of Engineering Specialists.
  • SORVU start with an abundance of Laborers.
  • THRILE start with an abundance of Psi Specialists.
  • GRUNE start with an abundance of Military Specialists.

Specialist Requirements

These are the requirements in number and type of specialist to turn a General Colony into a specific type of Specialist World.

  • GARRISONS require 5 Laborers and 5 Military Specialists.
  • INDUSTRIAL CENTERS require 5 Laborers and 5 Engineering Specialists.
  • ARTIFACT WORLDS require 5 Laborers and 5 Psi Specialists.
  • DEFENSE OUTPOSTS require 5 Military and 5 Engineering Specialists.
  • INTEL WORLDS require 5 Military and 5 Psi Specialists.
  • SHIPYARDS require 5 Psi and 5 Engineering Specialists.

Trade Commands

  • See your available specialists: inventory
  • Offer trade to another archon: trade (archon) # (my specialist type) for # (target's specialist type)
    • Note: The specialists before the 'for' are what you are offering, the specialists after the 'for' are what you are getting.
    • Example 1: 'trade Morur 3 labor for 4 psi'
    • Example 2: 'trade Morur 3 military and 1 psi and 3 labor for 2 engineering and 9 psi'.
  • Accept an offered trade: trade accept (archon)
  • Decline an offered trade: trade decline (archon)

Faction Commands

  • Form a new faction: form (faction name) with (player name)
  • Decline or accept new faction invite: form decline or form accept
  • Invite someone to join your faction: invite (playername)
  • Decline or accept faction invite: invite accept (name) or invite decline (name)

Shard and Slate Commands

  • To create a shard: Use Create Resolution screen in the Yacht's Voting Information Pod. Shard will appear in your inventory in the Palace.
  • To write an argument on a shard: write on shard "(argument)"
  • To Read the Argument on a Shard: read (name)'s (type) shard (or just read (type) shard, if it's in your inventory).
  • To Endorse a Shard: endorse (name)'s (type) shard
  • To make shard combinable: push (type of shard)'s button
  • Two combinable shards in your inventory will AUTOMATICALLY combine with one another, so BE CAREFUL!
  • You can combine multiple shards or slates.
  • All endorsements are lost when you combine shards or slates.
  • Adding arguments to a combined shard will erase all previous arguments.
  • To become fully endorsed a resolution must gain the endorsements of either 50% of the Archons in the Palace Minor at the time of its creation or 10% of the Archons who have entered the Palace Minor in the last 24 hours, whichever is less.
  • Examine a shard to see its current endorsement status.
  • To put a fully endorsed resolution up for vote: find the Voting Column in the Council Chamber, directly above the Hall of Emeralds. Type 'put shard in column'.

Resolution and Vote Passage Criteria

  • You may place shards into the voting column at any time, but voting will not begin until a certain number of Archons have entered the game.
  • When you submit a shard into the voting column, you will see in the Voting Information Pod on your yacht how many votes are needed to immediately pass your resolution. This number is fixed and is based on the total number of votes of all Archons who were in the game for the 24 hours preceding your submission.
  • If you do not get enough votes to pass or fail your resolution immediately in the 24 hours following its submission, the resolution will pass or fail based on a simple majority of all votes cast regarding the resolution.
  • You probably should roleplay to get people to vote for your proposed resolution.


  • +10 points for every Resolution you create which is endorsed and submitted to voting
  • -20 points for every Resolution you create which fails to pass when brought to vote
  • +100 points for every Resolution you create which passes when brought to vote
  • -10 points for every Planet destroyed by the Vl'Hurgh (of ANY Archon, not just your planets) during the course of the game
  • +100 points per vote your colonies and title are worth (your Voting Power).

Version 1.10 / 7.18.01