Player's GuideIntroduction

Thirty two thousand years ago, the four major races which would rise to rule the Galaxy met one another in anger. Wars raged across the light-years, planets were decimated, alliances forged and broken. In time, however, the Ruling Races gathered on Principality and forged the Pax Imperium, vowing that their new Empire would last forever.

The Empire is eternal.

Thus far, the Empire has managed to live up to the promise of the Pax Imperium. Despite a quickly crushed attempt at rebellion less than a millennium after its foundation, the citizens of the Empire remain at peace amongst themselves. The Empire has successfully avoided descending into an epoch of stagnation and degradation that legends describe as common in those ancient kingdoms that rose and fell before the Pax Imperium. The four Ruling Races – the Grune, the Iyali, the Sorvu, and the Thrile – constantly vied for rulership of the Empire, and their political machinations, treachery, and ruthlessness were the only conflict the Empire knew until the VlíHurgh arrived.

Three hundred years ago, for the first time, the Galactic Empire faced an outside threat. The Vl'Hurgh came from beyond the rim of the galaxy, demanding the ancient relics of the Shining Ones. Thus began the Artifact Wars.

The Empire is ever-changing.

The Empire was built upon change and progress, but now it faces its greatest danger. An unidentified assassin, believed to be sent by the Vl'Hurgh, has slain the Aegios of a Million Suns. The Galactic Emperor is dead. In the wake of the assassination, the Artifact Wars have flared up again and the Vl'Hurgh are invading in numbers never seen before.

The Archons of the galaxy are meeting in the Palace Minor above the capital planet Principality to choose a new Emperor. Time is short: the Vl'Hurgh are ravaging the Seven Hegemonies, and the Imperial fleets need the Emperorís guiding authority to repulse the invasion. In one week the scheming Archons must select a new Galactic Emperor, but will it be too late?

The Empire is falling.

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