Player's GuideThe Future of Succession

Galactic Emperor: Succession is still in a very early beta stage. Over the next few months considerable expansion will go into the systems currently available. Some aspects we expect to have available in the near future include:

  • Psionics. A full psionic system is planned which will both interface with the voting system and allow for attacks on fellow Archons.
  • Factions. Expanding what players can do with factions, such as the appointment of faction leaders, the use of the Palace lens command, and other options are on our list.
  • Specialized Planet Effects Having the specialized planets perform functions within the game, e.g., shipyards produce ships, garrisons produce troops, and the like.

That's just a start, as we'll also be making additions and modifications based on what gameplay seems to work best. Thus far we've concentrated on creating a fun voting system as the core of the gameplay, but by the end of the month... watch out.