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Throughout this encyclopedia and the Galactic Empire, some terms are in use which would benefit from clarification for some readers. Hence, we are providing the following glossary for your edification.

Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire is the term for the collection of colonized planets comprising 75 percent of the known galaxy; the largest collective government in existence.

"Ruling Races", "Major Imperial Races"

The four primary races of the Empire, who comprise the Imperial Government: the Iyali, the Grune, the Thrile and the Sorvu.

Pax Imperium

The agreement which brought the four ruling races together in peace, to form a single galactic government.

Emperor, Aegios of a Million Suns

The Emperor, the head of the Imperial government. Nonhereditary title achieved by prestige, diplomacy, and military acumen as determined by the acclaim of the Imperial Council and the holdings of the individual candidate.

Palace Minor

The large, well-appointed space station floating in a geostationary orbit above the Palace Major on Principality which serves as the seat of government for the Empire.


The central world of the Empire. It is the home of the Emperor, who lives in the Palace Major on its surface, and the center of all governmental activities of the Empire of a Million Suns. Located in Sorvu space, in the Core Suns Hegemony. In geostationary orbit above the location of Palace Major is the Palace Minor station which is the home of the Imperial Council.

Hegemonies, Hegemon

The Empire is divided into seven administrative districts or Hegemonies. These Hegemonies are: the Core Suns, which the Emperor rules directly; the Heart Suns; the Rift; the Reaches; the Nest; the Embers; and the Realm. The Seven Hegemonies are further (unofficially) divided into the Inner Suns (the Core Suns and the Heart Suns) and the Outer Suns (the Rift, Reaches, Nest, Embers, and Realm).

Inner Suns

The two Hegemonies comprising the tightly-crowded bulk of Imperial population and commerce, the Core Suns (which is ruled by the Emperor) and the Heart Suns (which is ruled by the Emperor's primary Hegemon).

Outer Suns

The five Hegemonies comprising the widely diverse scatterings of Imperial extension beyond the Inner Suns area. The Rift, The Reaches, The Nest, The Embers, and The Realm are all ruled by Hegemons selected by the Emperor. These Hegemonies are known for innovation and their high quantity of Artifact-laden worlds.

Artifact Wars

Term used to describe the ongoing battle with the Vl'Hurgh, which seems to center around the acquiring of various Shining Ones Artifacts.


Groupings of beings with similar political views. Factions come and factions go throughout the history of the Empire, but there are four which have remained, the conservative factions of each race: the Iyali Prime Factor, the Grune Tribal Council, the Thrile Psicabinet, and the Sorvu Collective.


This term refers to the ability of some creatures and beings, most notably the Thrile, to affect the universe around them using only their minds. Psionics collectively refers to telepathy, telempathic communication, mental control, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, biological controls exerted by the mind, and other such abilities. While the Thrile are the acknowledged superiors of most other races in the psionic field, all of the major imperial races have some degree of psionic ability. The Sorvu have developed enhanced food additives which help beings to resist the intrusion of psionic abilities on their minds, and the moss-like plants which form this additive can also be placed on objects or buildings in order to prevent kinetic manipulation thereof by psionic abilities. The science behind psionics is not fully understood, though Thrile and Iyali researchers have several theories which attribute it to a form of hyperdimensional radiation that can be focused by the minds of developed creatures.


In an Imperial context, artifacts refer specifically to the psionically-charged artifacts left behind by the Shining Ones (c.f.). These artifacts vary in size and shape, are made of a mineral or material as-yet unproducable by Imperial technology, and radiate psionic energy. Some of them can be harnessed and used for specific purposes; others still remain mysteries to the Ruling Races who seek them to study them.


Extraimperial race of aggressive beings attempting to invade the Empire and destroy it in pursuit of artifacts and other raw materials. See the accompanying alien guide.


Aquatic beings specializing in high technology research with a mathematical bent. One of the four ruling races. See accompanying alien guide.

Engineering Specialist

The primary Iyali occupation when seen in specialized roles outside of Iyali space. Instrumental in the construction of Industrial Centers, Defense Outposts, and Shipyards for the Empire. These individuals are experts in all things technological, from the basest components of electronics to the complex navigation and propulsion systems found in the biological starships that the Empire uses.


Militaristic reptilian race specializing in tactical and strategic thinking. One of the four Ruling Races. See accompanying alien guide.

Military Specialist

Expert military personnel, the primary Grune occupation when found outside of Grune space. Instrumental in the construction of Garrisons, Defense Outposts and Intel Centers. These individuals are tactical and strategic geniuses, capable in many forms of combat and intelligence gathering, and experts in fortifications and troop movements as well as three-dimensional starship combat.


Plant-based intelligences specializing in psionic manipulation and control. One of the four Ruling Races. See accompanying alien guide.

Psi Specialist

Expert psionicists, the primary Thrile occupation when found outside of Thrile space. Instrumental in the construction of Artifact Worlds, Intel Centers, and Shipyards. Psi Specialists guide the early development of organic starships, perform mental scans on espionage assets, and act as excellent detectors of deeply buried artifacts due to their affinity for artifact radiation.


Amphibious life forms specializing in agriculture and heavy labor. One of the four Ruling Races. See accompanying alien guide.

Expert Laborer

Expert workers, the primary Sorvu occupation when found outside of Sorvu space. Instrumental in the construction of Garrisons, Industrial Centers and Artifact Worlds. The Sorvu have such intense work ethics, and are so eminently trainable, that anything which requires heavy labor or intense concentration renders them the ideal race for such employ.

Archon, Exarch, Panarch, Overlord

In rising importance, these are the political titles which rulers from amongst the four Ruling Races may achieve. Archons are any ruler who holds 10 or more worlds under its domain; this is the base title for participation in Galactic government. Exarchs, Panarchs, and Overlords are rulers who have each devoted successively more of their worlds' production to specialized products and services devoted to the Empire rather than their own specific enrichment.


Garrisons are specialized colonies providing troops and training for starships and defense worlds. These are created with large numbers of Sorvu laborers and Grune military specialists, and have extensive training grounds, weapons manufacturing complexes, barracks, simulators, and colleges and schools for officers.

Industrial Centers

Industrial centers specialize in producing heavy industrial goods for the Empire. These are created with large numbers of Sorvu laborers and Iyali engineers. Industrial centers produce the electronic as well as the industrial goods used in weapons, defense colonies, heavy construction, shipyards, and just about any other business of the Empire which requires chemicals, materials, or electronics to fabricate its goods.

Artifact Worlds

Artifact worlds are those worlds with suspected Shining Ones artifacts still intact upon their surfaces. They are rare, as they require both Sorvu laborers (for the heavy digging and their chemically-enhanced immunity from some of the more severe artifact radiation) and Thrile psi specialists to function. These colonies produce artifacts, which are used not only to improve the psionic abilities of the Thrile and those the Thrile have enhanced but also in the construction of starships and in some of the research projects of the Iyali.

Defense Outposts

Defense Outposts, which are specialized colonies created by large numbers of Grune Military specialists and Iyali Engineering specialists, produce much of the shielding, armor, and defensive weaponry used by planets as well as starships in the Empire.

Intel Center

Intel centers, populated mainly by Thrile Psi Specialists and Grune Military Specialists, are specialized colonies dedicated to researching the capabilities and location of the enemy. Intel centers produce tactical and strategic studies reports for the Imperial fleets which allow them to be more effective against the Vl'Hurgh threat.


The giant organic/industrial shipyards of the Empire require entire planets to support. Populated primarily by Iyali engineers and Thrile psi specialists, these yards take materials and personnel generated by Industrial Centers, Defense Outposts, Garrisons, and Artifact Worlds and turn them into functioning organic/industrial warships for the Imperial Fleet, which are guided by the data gathered via Intel Centers.

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