Stage Releases

Skotos will be releasing an ever growing set of stages beginning in 2001, sometime after the release of Castle Marrach.

Stages for StoryTellers: January, 2001

After January the initial Stages will be added to the StoryTeller Stages library, so that all StoryTellers can run them. In addition, Skotos will publish a new set of Stages and begin to offer StoryTellers minimal StoryBuilding capability.

The Skotos StoryTeller Stages Pack: This set of Stages is still being designed, but will include Stages which will allow StoryTellers to run games in a variety of genres. Possibilities for this pack include a small Medieval castle, a luxury oceanliner, a casino, a space ship, and a space station.

The Skotos Stages StoryBuilder Toolkit: The initial version of the StoryBuilding Toolkit will offer everything that a StoryTeller needs to modify a Stage to his liking. Basic abilities will allow StoryTelling to duplicate example objects, to modify details, and to move things around.

Stages for StoryPlayers: Spring, 2001

The first Stages will be run by Skotos staff. All Skotos StoryPlayers will be able to sign up for the limited roles available in the initial Stages.

Galactic Emperor: Succession: The Galactic Emperor is dead! Who will rise to power in the power vacuum that has been left? Designed by Mike Young.

Skoot on Inn: A small-scale Stage originally intended for use as a chat room for the Skotos community. It may also be used to run short stories set in the Middle Ages.

The Og Stage: No use big words. Play Og. Just leaving the cave to hunt can be a trial in the Og Stage, a game of communication and miscommunication in a world of limited words. This Stage will be the proving ground for ideas for an Og Grand Theatre to be run in 2001. Based on the game by Wingnut Games.

The Lovecraft Country Stage: Strange things are going on in Arkham. It may be the beginning of the end. Initial stories run in the Lovecraft Country Stage will lead into a Grand Theatre to be run in 2001. Based on the Lovecraft Country supplements by Chaosium Inc.

Stages for StoryBuilders: Summer, 2001

StoryBuilders will be able to create their own Stages with the release of the full StoryBuilding Toolkit in Summer of 2001. Well-acclaimed Stages will be added to the Skotos Stages library.

The Skotos StoryBuilder Toolkit: This expanded toolkit will give StoryBuilders the ability to create a Stage from scratch without needing any programming experience.

More Stages: Throughout 2001

Throughout 2001 Skotos plans to add new Stages to the Skotos Stages library, based upon requests from Skotos StoryTellers. In addition, Skotos plans to develop one more licensed Stage by the end of the year:

The Paranoia Stage: Welcome to Alpha Complex. The computer is your friend. This Stage will include everything you need to run Paranoia adventures--from red laser barrels to cloned troubleshooters.

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