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Skotos Tech has choosen a group of external game designers to produce the first external games. Stages related to these games will begin to appear in the middle of 2001, and the first full games will be released in late 2001.

ARCANA. Designed by Gareth-Michael Skarka. Hidden beneath the facade of modern civilization is a secret assembly known only by name. The Arcana. Some say they are souless lycanthropes who have given their hearts over to their beasts; others contend that the last defenders against the forces of Hell. As the new millennium dawns, their numbers thin, and the Greater Arcana must decide whether to spread their curse further or whether to allow mankind to fall forever to that which lives Below.

FLORENCE. Designed by Daniel O'Huiginn. Mystery and intrigue cloak the Renaissance city of Florence. It is the time of Machiavelli, Charles VIII, and the Medicis. The Age of Enlightenment is rising, but the shackles of the old world must first be cast off. What faction will control the new age?

. Designed by Sam Witt. Players who sign on to Horizon
Station will begin a voyage to the furthest reaches of unexplored space. Stranded far from Earth and the rest of humanity, they must form a new society. Ancient secrets beckon from a nearby asteroid belt, but the station is falling to the inevitable forces of entropy. Survival and discovery are at odds in this science-fiction game.

IRONCLAW. Designed by & Licensed from Sanguine Productions. Ironclaw depicts a world at the crossroads of history – a Medieval society teetering at the edge of the Age of Reason. The anthropomorphic races of Calabria come together in the city of Triskellian. Here, guilds war against the noble house of Rinaldi in a battle of words and deeds. Meanwhile, ominous rumors have begun to arise from beyond the walls – of ancient enmities reignited and the forgotten magic of the Autarchs rediscovered.

PULP ADVENTURES. Designed by Nikkisa Christian. In the time between the two World Wars a small island in the Caribbean is a hotbed of intrigue and conspiracy. Gangsters, politicians, and agents intermingle in a setting primed for explosion. On the edge of the island's main city, another world beckons – exotic tribes, ancient artifacts, and dangerous beasts inhabit a realm that is ignored by the city dwellers only at their own risk.

QIGUNG. Designed by Jeff Crook. This is the story of an Oriental realm steeped in mythology and magic. In the land of Chan-la an apocalypse is approaching. Dynasties vie for the rulership of the ancient realm, a war is brewing in heaven, and very soon the dark sun Zhi shall return.

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