Science Fiction Games

Skotos Tech is covering all of future historiy in its games, from near-future dystopias to star-hopping spaceships of far-flung millennia.

HORIZON STATION. Designed by Sam Witt. Players who sign on to Horizon Station will begin a voyage to the furthest reaches of unexplored space. Stranded far from Earth and the rest of humanity, they must form a new society. Ancient secrets beckon from a nearby asteroid belt, but the station is falling to the inevitable forces of entropy. Survival and discovery are at odds in this science fiction game.

PARANOIA. Designed by Skotos Tech. Licensed from the original authors. A satirical science-fiction game of a darkly humorous future. Mutations are rampant. Commie traitor scum are everywhere. Only the Computer can save humanity. And, the Computer really does have humanity's best interests at heart. Trust the Computer. The Computer is your Friend. But keep your laser handy.

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