Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter

Quick Start

The World of Marrach

The game of Castle Marrach is set in an ancient castle, sitting atop Mount Ardan. The actual Castle is divided into two sections, the Outer Bailey in the west and the Inner Bailey in the east. Very little is said about the Realms Below.

As you awaken for the first time you will find yourself in one of the guest rooms on the second floor of the Outer Bailey. For the months to come, until you prove yourself, you will dwell in the Outer Bailey, not yet granted access to the Inner Bailey, hopefully not yet pulled down into the Realms Below.

Some members of the Inner Bailey call the Outer Bailey lawless, In truth it simply has its own society, separate from the Inner Bailey. This is the society that you will come to know when you first dwell within the Castle. It centers around guilds of people, each seeking Favour within Castle Marrach, each full of individuals trying to find their own happiness in this strange new world. It is policed by the Winter Watch and overseen by the Lord Chamberlain Launfal.

Favour is the coin of the realm in Castle Marrach, and a Newly Awakened guest would do well to remember that from the first day he steps forth into the halls outside the guest rooms. It is only by seeking the Favour of those in positions of authority that guests can gain their own power within Marrach, power supported by the tradition and authority of an ancient realm. As a new player to Marrach, you will eventually want to read the specific background on The Outer Bailey in the Player's Guide. Some of the most important information is also referenced in the section that follows.

Playing Castle Marrach

Castle Marrach is an online roleplaying game, centered on socializing with other players and interacting with them in plots. As a result, the game is very open-ended, and it's somewhat difficult to offer a precise listing of how to get involved. The following, however, offers one way to start playing the game.

1. Get into the Game

To start off, point your computer's web browser to:

This is the portal for Castle Marrach. It contains the latest information and links of interest to Marrach players. If you're not yet a member of the Skotos community, click Create Account otherwise select Play now.

2. Create a Character

Creation of a character in Castle Marrach is done through a simple web-based set of forms. Just click on the Create a Character link once you've logged in to the Castle Marrach game. You'll be able to choose the physical characteristics of your alterego and learn a little bit more about the background of the game. If you'd like more information on the character creation and Start Story process, read Playing Castle Marrach in the Player's Guide.

3. Learn to Communicate

The first thing you need to understand is how to communicate in this game. This can be done with the say command. You'll eventually want to learn more complex communication commands, which are described in the section on Using the Parser in the Player's Guide.

> say "My name is Ruggero"

4. Learn to Move

Moving around in Castle Marrach is equally easy. You just need to type in a cardinal directions to move that way: n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw, up, or down. Note that the map window to the right of the client always shows your current surroundings, and you can also click on the arrows to move around. Finally, clicking on the map window will pop up a map of your current floor.

> east

5. Get Some Clothes

You'll start off dressed in the linens worn by all of the Newly Awakened. You'll want to head up to the west side of the Third Floor to visit either the Tailor or the Seamastress and get dressed. Tha maps of the Outer Bailey show the relevant locations of the guest rooms and the clothes makers.

6. Find Some People

The game of Castle Marrach is all about people, so find some! Your best bets are the Outer Courtyard and the Dining Hall, both located on the Ground Floor and the Practice Room, located on the western half of the First Floor. Again, the maps can help you, but remember you can also click on your client map at any time to pop up a map of your current floor. Once you've found people, hang out and listen. It'll give you a sense of you game before you try and plunge in.

7. Join a Guild

Once you're more comfortable with the game, it's easiest to really get involved by joining a guild. Skim the list of Outer Bailey guilds in the Player's Guide and find one that interests you. Then go ahead and start talking to people, learning more about the guild you're interested in and what it takes to join. This will help you to get involved in plots and really start participating in the story of Castle Marrach.

8. Make Your Own Way

After that, the sky's the limit. The more you become involved in Castle Marrach, the more you'll be able to tell your own stories and set your own goals. Read the rest of this guide some time. It'll give you lots of ideas!