Issue #1: Waking Dreams
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Victor Savary



In another place, in another time, there stands a castle atop an ancient mountain. It is a castle of fantasy built atop a mountain of dreams. It is an empty castle, full of vacant passages and cavernous rooms. It is a castle beginning to awake.

Castle Marrach: Awakenings is a comic book set in the world of the Castle Marrach game several years before the current awakenings. It tells the story of Victor Savary, his rebirth into the Castle, and what he finds there.

Online Comics:

Issue #1, Waking Dreams – The first issue of the Castle Marrach comic is here presented in a special online format for easy reading. If you prefer, or have a very large monitor, you can also view it in the original comic book layout.

Printed Comics:

If you enjoyed the Castle Marrach comic, you can also purchase a printed comic from CafePress or you can download a hi-res copy (10MB) suitable for printing using the free Acrobat Reader.


Shannon Appelcline, Author. Shannon is a published roleplaying and short fiction author. He's also the Vice President of Skotos & regular game design theorist. Castle Marrach: Awakenings, his first comic, was influenced by Neil Gaiman and other modern fantasists.

Bob Cram Jr., Artist. Bob is an illustrator, writer, and designer. His comics credits include work for Malibu Comics and for Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk. He's also done artwork for various roleplaying games. More info on Bob can be found at his web site.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Concept Artist. Stephanie produced the original Castle Marrach artwork and character pieces which were the basis of some of the characters in this new comic. She's done roleplaying art too, and you can see many, many more of her galleries at her web site.

Christopher Allen, Producer. Christopher ultimately made this comic happen. He's also the CEO of Skotos, the producer of the Castle Marrach game, and the publisher of RPGnet. He previously produced the hit Chaosium supplement, Beyond the Mountains of Madness and regularly blogs about social software.

Castle Marrach, Setting. The setting of Castle Marrach originated as the background of an online game, but it's always been imagined as a very storytelling-oriented milleu. For more information on the Castle, read our introduction, our player's guide, or Windows on Castle Marrach, a collection of fan fiction and art.