Licensed Games

Skotos Tech has licensed games from a number of well-know roleplaying manufacturers.

IRONCLAW. Designed by & Licensed from Sanguine Productions. Ironclaw depicts a world at the crossroads of history – a Medieval society teetering at the edge of the Age of Reason. The anthropomorphic races of Calabria come together in the city of Triskellian. Here, guilds war against the noble house of Rinaldi in a battle of words and deeds. Meanwhile, ominous rumors have begun to arise from beyond the walls – of ancient enmities reignited and the forgotten magic of the Autarchs rediscovered.

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. Designed by Brian Moriarty. Licensed from Chaosium, Inc. 1925. Arkham, Massachusetts. At Miskatonic University, students pore over their books long into the night, their rooms lit by pale electric lights. They do not yet realize that the end of the world begins here, that R'lyeh is about to rise, that the dreamer is about to awakened.

OG. Designed by Skotos Tech. Licensed from Wingnut Games. No use big words. You me bang big smelly thing. Og is a roleplaying game of survival in the Stone Age ... as it was depicted in the movies. Socialization and interaction are at the heart of this hilarious game of communication and misunderstanding.

PARANOIA. Designed by Skotos Tech. Licensed from the original authors. A satirical science-fiction game of a darkly humorous future. Mutations are rampant. Commie traitor scum are everywhere. Only the Computer can save humanity. And, the Computer really does have humanity's best interests at heart. Trust the Computer. The Computer is your Friend. But keep your laser handy.

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