Magic and Mages

There are different types of magic in Ironclaw Online: Dark, Light, Death, and Autarch are but a few examples. This is a complex system which requires as much balance (if not more) than combat. We are constantly striving to complete the work and ideas involved however they are currently unavailable to the normal gamer. What this means is: You might some hints at magic in the game world via items, areas or VPs however they do not yet revolve around the average player. Stay tuned to the forums for updates and current events which concern magic. Thank you.

Magic basics, commands, mages, types of magic. System incomplete. [[UNFINISHED FILE]]

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More Help

There are several available methods for finding more help on Ironclaw Online. You can browse our Forums (click here), the FAQ Page(click here), or visit our Player's Guide (click here) as well as a few ways within the game world. There is @assist for immediate help from any staff available. You can use @idea if you don't need help but are requesting a change or addition. There is @bug if you feel it does not merit immediate attention but should be looked into. In dire circumstances, you can @page NameOfStaff to speak directly to them or Contact Us via e-mail.

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