Finance and Banking

Banking and finance are an integral part of Ironclaw Online. The first thing you may need to know is to seek out the bank and 'ask' the clerk for pouch. This will gain your character a money pouch. The next step is to determine how much money from your bank account that you wish to carry around with you. This is accomplished by: set my pouch to '# in denarii. For example, set my pouch '30. How to get money from your pouch? withdraw from my pouch '# in denarii. For example, withdraw from my pouch '30. Finally, to return money to your pouch: 'deposit my coins in my pouch'.
Another financial command is @income. This will show your current income, the amount you are spending on recurring charges (inn room rentals, etc) and the balance of your daily income.
Finally, we the @account command. From within any established bank, you are capable of using the @account command to get an accurate total of how much money you have saved in your bank account.
Trade and money are key points of interest in Ironclaw Online depending what path you wish your character to take. Earning money is available in many ways including selling caught fish to NPCs. The team who made Ironclaw Online also wished to allow pure role-players an opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits that money offers without having to make it a personal goal to achieve the highest bank account balance. In order to facilitate this process, each career has a set amount of income that it recieves each day that character logs in as long as they did not earn any money from outside means. Essentially, you can survive on this small pittance but never get very far in the financial portion of the game world. This is to allow for small purchases to help with role-playing purposes and not meant as a means to get ahead in the world. Therefore, the starting salaries are quite small and if you truly wish to earn money then it is extremely easy to produce a higher income on your own with minimal effort.

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More Help

There are several available methods for finding more help on Ironclaw Online. You can browse our Forums (click here), the FAQ Page(click here), or visit our Player's Guide (click here) as well as a few ways within the game world. There is @assist for immediate help from any staff available. You can use @idea if you don't need help but are requesting a change or addition. There is @bug if you feel it does not merit immediate attention but should be looked into. In dire circumstances, you can @page NameOfStaff to speak directly to them or Contact Us via e-mail.

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