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When does Character Creation begin?

Before you ever even open the portal to Ironclaw Online. Sit back, relax, have a cup of tea (preferably Earl Grey) and ponder the ideas in your head for what type of character you want to play as. Question every aspect of the character's life. How old are they? What sort of work do they do? Where did they grow up? Do they have a family? Where are they now? How did they get to this city? What past goals have they had? What current goals do they have? What future goals will they have? What ambitions do they hide? Are they friendly? Mean? Shy? Open? Helpful? Cruel?
You may say, "All that? You must be kidding me." Think it over, consider the possibilities if you have already thought this out. It will increase the depth of your character's personality, it will create a fluid timeline for their life, it will help shape their decisions in the future, it will be available when you need it. Alot of players put these questions off until they have to respond to direct inquiries or until they "feel" like it. Such actions will often contradict previous events and reactions in the character's life or make the player stumble as they seek the depths of their mind for an answer. Make the choices now.

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Personality and Traits

Now that you have a good idea of what the character's background and goals are, you should determine what type of personality they will portray to the world. Some might consider it "alignment" due to previous experiences in role-playing games. Ask yourself if this character is good, evil or somewhere inbetween. Ask yourself if this character obeys the law, breaks the law or falls into the shades of grey. How do they react to nobles when they are present? When they are not present? When it comes to personality, find a "hook" or unique feature to set you apart from the rest. They can be extremely involved differences such as the cavalier, courteous, peppy little female mouse banker that brutally tortures, eye-gouges, knee-bites weak defenseless fish at night. Or it can be much simpler such as Fred stutters when he is nervous or Binky watches his feet when he walks. Pick at least one main trait that will allow this character to stand out. Stick with it. Make it work.
Let's move on. Head to the portal and start to Create A Character!

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What gender will they be?

At this point, you should already have an idea in mind, especially since you answered the above questions. You did, didn't you? Go back and do that then. I will wait here. When you consider the gender, consider the game environment and era it is played in (or resembling). This does not mean you must conform to the standards based on your choice of role but it will help you make an intelligent choice overall.

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They call me Ishmael... Pick a good name.

Your name will be the first thing another player/character will notice. It will set the tone of their reactions to you. Try to pick a name that fits the setting and is easily used. Avoid names with numbers or special characters in them such as BillyBob4537 and 1a|\/|G0b. This is not a chatroom, these are not "handles", this is a role-playing game and the name you choose should be an actual "name". You may also consider relatively short names. Players have to refer to your character via their name and may be put off if they have to spell out a 24 character name without error as in Rochestervilletoninia. Avoid well-known names from books, TV, movies or sports. Avoid names that are titles such as Princess Godiva or King Kola. There are other ways to earn/get rank or respect without tagging a title onto the character's name.

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Everyone loves a well thought out description. During character creation, you should picture this character in your mind and choose those descriptive words which best fit the look of that character. If more than one option appears fitting, string the words together and verbalize them. This will allow you to pick whichever one is more fluid. Good descriptive words in the look of your character are wonderful but not if they stumble over each other. A written list will provide you the opportunity to look back over the words you have chosen previously in order to match them uniformly, contradict them purposefully or to simply seek a synonym.

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More Help

There are several available methods for finding more help on Ironclaw Online. You can browse our Forums (click here), the FAQ Page(click here), or visit our Player's Guide (click here) as well as a few ways within the game world. There is @assist for immediate help from any staff available. You can use @idea if you don't need help but are requesting a change or addition. There is @bug if you feel it does not merit immediate attention but should be looked into. In dire circumstances, you can @page NameOfStaff to speak directly to them or Contact Us via e-mail.



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