Horror Games

Skotos Tech has big plans for the horror genre, from werewolves battling the forces of Hell to blasphemous monstrosities that seeped down from between the stars

ARCANA. Designed by Gareth-Michael Skarka. Hidden beneath the facade of modern civilization is a secret assembly known only by name. The Arcana. Some say they are souless lycanthropes who have given their hearts over to their beasts; others contend that the last defenders against the forces of Hell. As the new millennium dawns, their numbers thin, and the Greater Arcana must decide whether to spread their curse or whether to allow mankind to fall forever to that which lives Below.

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. Designed by Brian Moriarty. Licensed from Chaosium, Inc. 1925. Arkham, Massachusetts. At Miskatonic University, students pore over their books long into the night, their rooms lit by pale electric lights. They do not yet realize that the end of the world begins here, that R'lyeh is about to rise, that the dreamer is about to awakened.

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