Historical Games

The Skotos StoryBuilder Server offers the ability to simulate past eras, bringing history to virtual life. Initial historical offerings will cover periods from the Stone Age to the Wild West.

FLORENCE. Designed by Daniel O'Huiginn. Mystery and intrigue cloak the Renaissance city of Florence. It is the time of Machiavelli, Charles VIII, and the Medicis. The Age of Enlightenment is rising, but the shackles of the old world must first be cast off. What faction will control the new age?

GOLDEN GATE: 1849. Designed by Lisa Disterheft. The place: San Franciso. The time: the Great Californian Gold Rush. It is an era of heroes and villains - of fortunes lost and regained - when San Francisco was the nexus of the Far West, a breeding ground for hope and greed in equal qunatities. Brave pioneers must create a civilization amidst this turmoil, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. Designed by Brian Moriarty. Licensed from Chaosium, Inc. Arkham, Massachusetts - 1925. At Miskatonic University, students pore over their books long into the night, their rooms lit by pale electric lights. They do not yet realize that the end of the world begins here, that R'lyeh is about to rise, that the dreamer is about to awakened.

OG. Designed by Skotos Tech. Licensed from Wingnut Games. No use big words. You me bang big smelly thing. Og is a roleplaying game of survival in the Stone Age ... as it was depicted in the movies. Socialization and interaction are at the heart of this hilarious game of communication and misunderstanding.

PULP ADVENTURES. Designed by Nikkisa Christian. In the time between the two World Wars a small island in the Caribbean is a hotbed of intrigue and conspiracy. Gangsters, politicians, and agents intermingle in a setting primed for explosion. On the edge of the island's main city, another world beckons – exotic tribes, ancient artifacts, and dangerous beasts inhabit a realm that is ignored by the city dwellers only at their own risk.

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