Galactic Emperor: Hegemony



The galaxy is at war!

Now is the time when the ancient technology of the Shining Ones has finally been uncovered. The Overlords of space have begun to mass-produce Pinpoint Drives, allowing them to jump between the stars, faster than light. No longer does the tyranny of relativity rule the universe. A new era has begun.

Twelve Overlords will rise up from among their fellows and they will fire the first shots of this new galactic conflict. Hundreds of ships will pinpoint across the stars, and their battles will be like new suns. In ancient Abode, hidden in the heart of a neutron star, diplomatic alliances will made, and upon them the future of all life will be decided. In the end a great Hegemony will be formed, an interstellar state which rules over its neighbors, and it will be the seed of the Galactic Empire still to come.

But, there are other realities, and other galaxies, and their wars are still to be fought...