Long ago all was at peace in the land of Uthgol. Chimera, humanoids, and undead warred. Monsters were slain and reincarnated. Lairs were built, looted, and torn down again. Feuds lasted for generations, fueled by bile and hatred. It was all as it should be.

But, even in this idyllic setting, an ancient song hinted at a terrible evil that lived over the seas, beyond the horizon. It told of a people who had maimed the god Grendel, father of all. A people who were without honor, without courage, without dignity. It told of the Uglies. The humans.

Now, the most ancient nightmare of the peoples of Uthgol has been made reality. The Uglies have come to Grendel's realm, to continue what their ancient demon warrior began so long ago. They wish to slay the peoples, to take without giving. They wish to destroy an entire culture, to end a way of life.

You are one of Grendel's children. Troll, kobold, or ettin. Phoenix, scarab, or dragon. Vampire, spirit, or spectre. There are scores of races of Real Peoples upon Uthgol. You are one of these peoples, and you must defend your land from the awful plague that descends upon it.