Grendel's Revenge is a lightly supported game. To reflect this change in its status, we will be offering a free account to play in the near future. We hope to have that available by mid-March, but are awaiting some external support.

Long ago the world was at peace. Trolls, dragons, vampires, and the rest of Grendel's children warred against each other, and all was well. But then, the uglies came. The humans. A new age is dawning and a new war has begun. As a monster of Uthgol — chimera, humanoid, or undead — you must become one of the instruments of Grendel's Revenge. Loot! Spoil! Slay! Hoard!

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07/21/2014 Scouting Party
"Scouting Party" Monday, July 28th, 7:30 PM EST/6:30 PM CST/5:30 PM MST/4:30 PM PST "Off the southern shores of Larou a large fleet of narrow wooden ships appear, blue and white sails displayed proudly across the horizon." More here

06/09/2014 The @gchat Channel
The @gchat channel has been released. It's a public, fully out-of-character chat channel available in-game. More here

06/17/2013 Introducing Freemotes
A new RP tool has been added to Grendel's Revenge: Freemoting. Freemoting is a new way for you to interact with other players. Freemoting is just like emoting, but your name does not have to be at the beginning. More information right here

9PM EST, 06/08/2013 An Urgent Delivery
Dust trails from the walls of Isolde as a lone caravan wagon sets out with a mission, traveling north to an unknown destination... More information

03/07/2013 Scheduled Server Maintenance
Grendel's Revenge servers will be undergoing maintenance in the afternoon of March 7th. Additional details are located in the forum. Jump to forum post

02/13/2013, 9PM EST "Lich Defender"
"A robed Lich appears in Grendel's Shrine, seeking monsters to hire for the protection of his tower to the north. Surely an easy task...?" Details here

01/5/2013 "The Festival of Battles Grand Tournament"
"The Festival of Battles is coming to end, but not with a whimper! The demon Kek will be holding a grand tournament to collect the energies of battle in a powerful ritual. All who wish to participate, to the arena!" Details here

12/22/2012 - 01/06/2013 "The Festival of Battles Returns"
"A foreign custom returns to Uthgol as the Festival of Battles! Aid Kek the freed demon in his rituals by fighting tooth, nail, acid, and sword with other monsters around Uthgol and earn powerful rewards in this bloody festival." Read more here

12/15/2012 "Free Accounts Released"
Grendel's Revenge is now offering Free Accounts to all players. Read more here

05/15/2012 - 05/20/2012 "The Black Bazaar"
" Inside of stolen halls, we prepare our rarest treasure. Behind locked doors, you submit your worth for measure. Wealth traded in muted celebration, all of it yours with the Black Bazaar’s invitation... -The Black Bazaar’s invitation Read more here

04/14/2012 "The Fangforge Festival"
"Two southern monster clans have recently agreed to a peace treaty, and to celebrate their uniting against the pinkskins a bountiful festival is being planned." Read more here

02/13/2012: "Important Changes Coming!"
"Grendel's Revenge will soon be free to play! To learn more about this and recent, serious events, click here!

09/25/2011 - 10/04/2011: "The Assault, Stage Two"
""The pink-skins came with fire, with metal skin, they came to take what we had rightfully stolen from the scalies and the bonies! They burned our lairs! They stole our treasure! And the smell! That pink smell that comes from their pink skin, that smell of flowers and sunshine and happiness that invades everything." -The Orc's Lament Read more here.

09/10/2011, 10:00PM Eastern: "Puzzling Pt. 2, 'Who Dunnit?'"
"The Backwards Bandit has left another note at the shrine, but just what could the Sphinx want this time?" Read more here.

09/04/2011, 6:00PM Eastern: "Darker Dealings"
"Grubfinger's carriage remains outside of the Shrine, in silence. Where has the pudgy Ogre gone to without his glorious goods? Is his disappearance tied to recent events with the red tower, or something darker?" Read more here.

08/16/2011 - 08/18/2011, 5:00PM Eastern: "A Special Service"
A wooden carriage pulled by a lone goblin grunt travels the plains of Uthgol, arriving at Grendel's Shrine. Sitting atop the carriage, a white merchant with red eyes. What wares does the peddler peddle? Does this trader from the outskirts of Uthgol bring a greater threat than overpriced goods? Read more here.

07/31/2011, 6:30pm Eastern: "The Perplexed Sphinx and the Impossible Dolls"
[During the Festival of Battles] The Red Tower, a dangerous creation of the humans. It stands tall to the north as a sign of what they are capable of, machinations of terrible intent locked behind magic and steel. A young Sphinx stumbles upon something foreboding, and flies with haste to the Shrine to warn the rest of his kind... Read more here.

07/17/2011, 6:30pm Eastern: "The Festival of Battles"
Deep purple flames appear in the main room of the Shrine, and a familiar horned imp floats in the center, speaking of a tradition of monsters from a distant region. What is the "Festival of Battles", and what power will it bring you? Read more here.

02/14/2011, 7:00pm Eastern: "Hunting the Hunters"
[From Monday the 14th to Sunday the 20th] Cloaked humans continue to appear in the shadows, spying on clans and powerful wanderers alike. In the west, their army's forces are gathering in unknown locations, and monsters across Uthgol have begun to disappear without notice. In the midst of the two tactician's mysterious plans, a demon appears to aid the monsters of Grendel.

09/18/2010, 5:30pm Eastern: "With a Bang"
At has been several weeks now since the eastern ships arrived outside of the city of Isolde, carrying with them oddly clothed humans and supplies. What purpose did these ships and their cargo hold, and what have the two tacticians, Ergrand and Bartholomew been up to since the disappearance of the pit arachnids?

6/4/2009: The News of Grendel's Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated. Come on over!

6/25/2006: Grendel's Revenge has been moved to a new faster server!

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