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Q: What's Grendel's Revenge?

A: Grendel's Revenge is an online storytelling game created by Worlds Apart Productions in conjunction with Skotos Tech Inc. It first opened for beta release on May 6, 2002. It is a game set in a high fantasy world where monsters are the heroes and evil adventurers need to be put in their place. It contains strong roleplaying and achievement elements.

Skotos games are rated by how large they are, what genre they fit into, what types of interaction players have, and what the basic style of gameplay is. Grendel's Revenge can thus be described as follows:

World. Grendel's Revenge takes place in the land of Uthgol, a realm constantly being extended by player-created lairs. In addition, it has very robust game systems for dealing with special abilities, combat, lair building, and much more.
Fantasy. Set in the realm of Uthgol, Grendel's Revenge is a high fantasy game. Some forty-five player monster races may be found roaming the realm. Magic is common and used by monsters and adventurers alike
Balanced. Grendel's Revenge can be either cooperative or competitive. Wandering monsters are more likely to war with other players, while social monsters come together to form clans and build lairs.
Semi-Independent. Players of Grendel's Revenge can spend long hours fighting enemies, exploring Uthgol, and improving their special abilities. However, roleplaying between clan members and at special events forms some of the most interesting interaction in the game.

More information on Grendel's Revenge is available in the Introduction and Player's Guide.

Q: What is the story of Grendel's Revenge?

A: Once the land of Uthgol was at peace. The chimera warred with the undead. The undead battled against the humanoids. The humanoids raided the chimera. There was death and destructions; lairs were looted and monsters were slain. But, these conflicts were all conducted with honor and dignity.

Then the Uglies came. The humans. They take without giving. They loot without returning. They build above ground and despoil the land itself. They are quite simply wrong, and they must be driven forth from Grendel's land.

Q: What is my role in the story of Grendel's Revenge?

A: You are Grendel's Revenge. As one of his children you must take your place in the world and help drive forth the plague that lies upon Uthgol. You will be a wandering monster who loots and pillages; or a social monster who dwells and builds. You will be a chimera who flies upon the wind; an undead who dwells between life and death; or a humanoid who lives beneath the ground. You will be vampire or ghoul; phoenix or wyvern; kobold or minotaur. You are Grendel's Revenge upon the Uglies, upon all those who would harm him and are not his.

Q: What are the main technical features of Grendel's Revenge?

A: Grendel's Revenge offers a number of highly advanced game systems.

You will get the choice to play one of forty-five monster races. These include twelve social monster races and thirty-three wandering monster races. You will further get to select between five different roles--leader, shaman, builder, warrior, or magical--and over a hundred different special abilities.

Systems of favor and karma allow for multiple routes of advancement for all characters. Atributes or special abilities can be improved, new special abilities can be learned, and wandering monsters may even reincarnate as new, more powerful monster types following death.

A system of fealty allows for clans to be created and for complex structures of leaders and followers to be formed. Various special abilities and locales can offer benefits to entire clans.

A lair-building system provides an RTS-style element, allowing clans to create their own homes; recruit grunts to aid in the building; devise devious traps; and select specific rooms to benefit their clan in different ways.

Q. Is Grendel's Revenge a MUSH or a MUD?

A. Grendel's Revenge is similar in technology to a traditional MUD on the Internet with significant innovations, particularly in its use of a dynamic graphical map and its empowerment of players to extend the world through lair building. An intricate combat system and a highly granular ability system allow for considerable achievement within the game. However, like many MUSHes, it also provides ample opportunity for roleplaying. Clans are the hearts of social play in the game, and regular events further encourage interaction. Thus, it's able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Q. Can you Player Kill (PK) in Grendel's Revenge?

A. Yes. Monsters tend to kill monsters, particularly as part of grudges or wars. However, wanton and repeating killing is frowned upon. That's the sort of thing Uglies do.

Q. How does Grendel's Revenge compare to other Skotos games?

A. Grendel's Revenge is a close cousin to The Eternal City, built on the same engine and also administered by Worlds Apart Productions. Like both The Eternal City and Skotos' first game, Castle Marrach, Grendel's Revenge is a prose-based online role-playing game. There are some differences in the parser between Castle Marrach and Grendel's Revenge because of the fact that they're built from different technologies.