Fantasy Games

Fantasy has traditionally been the most popular genre for multiplayer prose games. Skotos has a number of fantasy games in the works, covering a wide spectrum of fantasy: from anthropomorphic to oriental.

ALVATIA. Designed by Skotos Tech. A fantasy game set on a feudal island reminescent of 14th-century England. The Continent lies far away. For twenty generations the cultures of Alvatia have lived in something nearing harmony. But now the Pox has come to the Continent and a new invasion has begun - an invasion of fugitives, immigrants, and refugees. Alvatia will combine roleplaying experiences with a simulation of feudal economics, offering multiple layers of gameplay.

IRONCLAW. Designed by & Licensed from Sanguine Productions. Ironclaw depicts a world at the crossroads of history – a Medieval society teetering at the edge of the Age of Reason. The anthropomorphic races of Calabria come together in the city of Triskellian. Here, guilds war against the noble house of Rinaldi in a battle of words and deeds. Meanwhile, ominous rumors have begun to arise from beyond the walls – of ancient enmities reignited and the forgotten magic of the Autarchs rediscovered.

QIGUNG. Designed by Jeff Crook. This is the story of an Oriental realm steeped in mythology and magic. In the land of Chan-la an apocalypse is approaching. Dynasties vie for the rulership of the ancient realm, a war is brewing in heaven, and very soon the dark sun Zhi shall return.

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