When I Dream

By Keyla

The bandit thrusted his spear forward, aiming at Keyla's gut. The boy barely dodged the thrust, turning his body so the spear glanced off of his lorica hamata. Keyla then placed his stave so it was under the spear. He placed on hand on the base of the stave, and the other about halfway down, then he pulled upward, sending the spear flying out of the bandit's hands and into the air. While the stave was up above his head, Keyla thrusted the end of it into the back of the bandit's neck, sending him to the ground. The bandit laid on the ground for a few moments, then swept Keyla off his feet, grabbed the spear and dove at Keyla. Thinking fast, Keyla brought his stave up, and smashed it against the side of the bandit's head, causing the bandit to fly off couse, sending the spear deep into the ground, right next to Keyla's head. The boy then jumped back onto his feet, and swatted the bandit, followed by a smash on the other side. Beaten and bloody, the bandit confrnted Keyla on weak legs. Keyla feigned an overhead attack, and while attempting to dodge, the bandit fell to the ground. When the bandit realized the false attack, he tried to get up, but Keyla grabbed the spear, and ran it though the bandit, pinning him to the ground, and killing him.


Keyla woke up from his dream when his head hit the chair in front of the Toga. He looked around at all of the people staring at him. He laughed nervously, and calmly ran away from the Toga, hoping to find some rats.

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