Walking with Ereal

By Taliseman

No pain. Nothing but freedom. I was dead. Ereal had decieded I needed more time to think and pray. Time to reflect on myself and what I was doing as a person. I spend many days in a kneeling position in silient prayer and reflection on the few past days. Did Ereal have some kind of fate that I am to be doing... or was this just dumb luck? I start to think that there IS something Ereal wants from me. I believe that Ereal was showing me that being the good person, or doing the right thing always, can get you a bad result sometimes. That you have to think for yourself and do things for yourself. I noticed that my body was more muscular, but the fire, that small shine in my eyes that used to push my body was gone. I knew that I had to start doing things for myself. Such as eating more, drinking more, keep a regular day and night schedule and to rest more so that these small walks with Ereal would not be as frequent as they were becoming.

Pain. Suddenly my whole body was wracked with pain and I my life force, my blood was all over the gound. I am writhing all over the ground, unable to stand, this is all I can do. I watch as some people walk by. By a stroke of luck a concered looking citizen takes me to Fiona to be healed. The pain of being dragged, becuase the citizen could not carry me, was excruciating. Every bump, rock, and piece of gravel seemed to tear a small part of my body away. I noticed my back had some gravel imbedded in it and this thought in itself was tramatic enought as it was, but being dragged over one sharp rock and half of my shoulder flesh being ripped open was horrid. After a while the ground starts to become solid more and it doesn't hurt my body as much to be dragged. Finally we make it to Fiona's and my body is lifted onto the table and with graceful hands Fiona starts to poke and prod my body, and the healing process starts........

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