Twisted Influence

by Antilles Pernanum

Petra, Lucien and myself were at the Stone Toga when Tivarrus arrived. Tivarrus is a Altene mercenary who was part of the band that was defeated by rogue elements of Altene's called the Nightdevils. This defeat resulted in the loss of the patrician Verulus, as well as Tivarrus' Captain. While Tivarrus speaks little to no Common or Iridinian, we were fortunate that he spoke some Tuchean which Petra was able to translate for us. Tivarrus told us of an abstract being called "Him" and how he followed him. He also asked us for Quintus, and was most eager to find him. We eventually worked out that Tivarrus was under the control of a Gideon who appeared to be a priest of Ravan.

Tivarrus wanted to take us to Gideon, but we needed to be blindfolded and leave our weapons behind. He eventually capitulated and allowed us to hide our weapons, but insisted that we were blindfolded. After a short travel, we ended up in a passageway underneath a building. Tivarrus said, "He is returned, " to a newly built wall and slowly it slid opened. We walked into a larger cavern and came upon a altar as well as a group of citizens, women of the night, and beggars. One faced flashed out as it was the face of Caia, the daughter of Caius, who some of us saved from the island not too long ago. Gideon was masked and we could not make out many characteristics, however he is a very menacing man.

Knowing that we were in a very bad situation, three against a whole host, we decided to act as mercenaries looking to sell Quintus to this group so that we could escape and return with the authorities.. Gideon asked us if we wished to become one of them, we declined say we were not religious and just seeking coins. We negotiated for awhile and Gideon would not relent to let us take Tivarrus and Caia hostage, until we return with Quintus and he paid us. This Gideon seemed to be able to slip into somebody's mind, as he tried to do to me several times, and control others through manipulating their minds. Knowing that we could not leave them down here, we acted by attacking Gideon. After a few cuts, Gideon fled the scene.

The spell cast over the people seemed to weaken, but all fled save for Caia before we could convince them to stay with us. We carried Caia to the Harbor Temple and left her in the hands of a priestesss named Alicia. We still look for Tivarrus and greatly fear his well-being.


Antilles Pernanum

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