Troubles of Iridine, part II

By Long47

He slowly sat and watched, for three days now all he had done was watch. He had simply sat down in what the locals called the "Thug Alleys" and watched the people pass by. He had thought to greet Locanda, Constable Captain, but had held back his words. He had watched as many warriors all claiming to help the city past. Their eyes filled with bloodlust everytime a person who appeared remotely criminal passed by. He had even heard them discussing the lack of bandits along the roadways as if it was a bad thing. They wanted more people to threat travelers to supply their lusts and their greeds. Kurgen had not seen a man different until he walked past. He apparently went by the name of Witinger, a simple warrior who for once fought to help. Sadly the cruel brutes that called the alleys home stepped forward. He was outmatched 5 to 1 but did not back down. He fought with a calm manner not associated with most vigilants. His staff skilled proved his Altenian nature as he managed to snap the neck of one attacking brute, but the other pressed forward. Using a strange tactic one of the taller men stamped his foot on the torch Witinger used for light and the area went dark. Kurgen still managed to see their exact movements and the brute soon landed a powerful hit to the legs knocking the power staff-wielder down. Kurgen was up in a flash, entering the fray weaponless he dodged the off balance attacks using his body to shield the downed fighter. His green cloak with the ability to change into any form of clothing blocked the blows sent from the enemies as Kurgen moved from his defensive to offensive stance. Moving his arms quickly Kurgen grabbed a brute by the wrist twisting the club into his free hand and flipping the man. Kurgen quickly returned blows with them as they ran off truly fearing the cloaked man. As the last brute fell dead Kurgen spoke kindly," Good sir, I commend your efforts here today. You are quite amazingly skilled."
"I appreciate the compliment," remarked Witinger reclaiming his footing," I surely would have been killed if not for your helping me."
"I try, now go in peace," Kurgen remarked turning back to his shadows.
"Wait, I don't even know your name!" yelled Witinger but only the silence of the night answered him.


"You did well in helping the young fighter," commented the old man appearing out of the fire. "I tried," Kurgen sighed," I just hope more like him arrive. The world is fast filling with greedy so called heroes." "Dycrus and I fear for the world, Ereal has left it be to long by itself, but he is young and will learn." "Ereal is young?" Kurgen chuckled at the thought.
"In Dycrus' eyes of course," the man continued his eyes growing distant," Ereal is father to this race yes, but this is not the only existing plane. Dycrus came to help the young couple out and a few others followed, sadly Ravan did as well." "Peace is one of the oldest living creations," he continued.
"Why am I serving these people," Kurgen asked simply," what plan does Dycrus have?"
"To lead one must first serve," the man said," Dycrus will soon reveal himself to you completely, you will travel to the oldest existing relic on Midlight, a small fount. Their you will be refreshed and reclaim the only item keeping you from kingship." "Kingship?" Kurgen laughed at the thought," I do not deserve to be a leader of men."
"Not yet, but you will," the man said cracking a smile," come with me."
Kurgen didn't get left a choice as his body turned into sand particles.

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