The Troubles of Iridine

By Long47

The green cloak was in tatters across his body. He was once again in Iridine, City of the Damned. The land had been at offcial war for a few years now, but it had always been destroying itself. This is a written recorded of Iridine's troubles and its criminals.

He moved silently, without a weapon, but he still had his faithful cloak. The constables motioned for him to stop and demanded he remove the cloak from his face. Kurgen did so without fear and revealed the charred object that had been his face. With a disgusted look on his face the constable motioned for him to replace the hood, and then offered to escort him to the Toga. With a constable behind him he worried little of the people's reaction to his hood. That changed when he reached the Toga. "Look at him, its a hood!" screamed one female warrior. "Lets get him!" yelled another as excited looks crossed the faces of everyone there. Blood is all they wanted. "Look he is followed by a constable, he must be evil!" screamed a third warrior as they approuched poor Kurgen. Kurgen didn't know how to react as the vigilants surrounded him chanting for blood. He tried to explain but it feel on deaf ears, they kept swinging at him like mad children. He did the only thing he could, he ran. He could hear the thoughts of the warriors scream through his mind," There is a man in a tattered green hooded cloak running from us, everyone kill him!"
"Yes, after him!"
"I think he is the one who stole my stuff, 2t reward for his head!"
"Look at the coward run! come back here it will be just me and you I promise!"
"I want him!"
"No me!!!"
Kurgen continued to run, he knew the truth. For a coward isn't one who is attacked by thirty people and then runs because he has no desire to kill them. Cowards are those who attack for no reason, but in their own eyes it is justice. It was not long til the familair voice filled his ears.
"You know you were brought here?" asked the old man, his friend and aid.
"I figured, but I am no longer a key player in history," Kurgen remarked.
"True, but Dycrus wishes you to stay here in iridine and aid any and everyone who ask for your assistance," the old man said.
"Fine, but is their any reason?" Kurgen questioned.
"To further the cause of Peace of course," chuckled the old man disappearing," Good Luck."

Next up: Kurgen has returned to the City of His Life's change. Who will ask for his help, may it be a lowly servant or a head of the thieves Guild itself. Who knows?

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