Trials of a Soldier

By Reharl

I have taken to writing down my exploits, though begrudgingly, so that I may keep my parents roughly informed of my progress. I have sworn never to return to that house, but perhapts I can still at least make my mother proud. Only now am I thankful for all the writing classes my father paid for.

Upon arriving at camp we were issued a basic, though rather shabby, uniform, a simple dirk, and a wooden gladius. The instructor is a harsh man, and I will take my leave as not to cross him. The food is terrible but nothing I wasn't prepared for. Every day we wake up before the sun rises and run laps around the mess hall until we are told otherwise. Much of the average day is weapons instruction, sparring, and climbing 'The Red Beast, which is an effectionate term we have given to the red climbing wall. My silent and refined nature appearantly does not go over well with the officers and trainees alike. I only hope I can impress them with my combat skills, however meager they may be.

With time we were issued the standard equiptment for any member of the Cineran legion. A heavy vest embroidered with the emblem of our nation, shoulder pterygyes, a rather akward bronze helmet, and various other impliments I do not wish to list, including actual metal weaponry. Though rather pitiful with the gladius I can very well hold my own with any dirk, but I never seem to be quite good enough for my superiors. I stand a fair chance of being sent out for first cut, which I hope will happen. I cannot bare the thought of being stuck here for another year.

It seems that I have impressed the other officers enough to warrant myself a position. I have been assigned to a scouting division in cooperation with the second infantry under the command of General Kulmaatus. This will be my first time in the field, and I admit I am having trouble keeping my composure. We have been given orders to report immediatly to the western border with Iridine, and I have yet to be given my orders.

I will write further once I am there.

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