Thief's Life, part 3

written by 200XR

Hearing voices early in the morning in the hallway, is not an everyday occurance. I take my backpack of goodies, take my black wool sack, and right before putting my sagum on, grab my trusty hood and throw it around me. The warmth of my hood is a comforting feeling, even for a man who steals and tricks others as a way of life. After my ritual swig of wine, I decide that living in this room, after yesterdays meager, but earnest attempt at my life, I should find somewhere else to live. The Stone Toga is not even a thought in my mind, for my way of life, does not suit living so close to where the people are. Not to mention the fact that my tolerance for the ijits that seem to flock to the Toga and the amount of policing by the Constables, hardly makes it appealing as say... a room in Vetallun. The Wayfarer seems like a good place to take up residency for now. Being a man who knows that I could pay for a room... or I could steal for one, money is not an issue. I gather my stuff quickly and open my room's door one last time than close the door, but not locking it. I go downstairs and give my key to the innkeeper than pull my hood over my head. Carrying 5 sacks on my back, and the added weight of my personal chest, I walk slower than usual. I find this very dangerous, but I must move. The men that had assualted me now knew that I lived somewhere in Monlon. They would be waiting and than as I have seen in the past, more will be waiting, and eventually they would have set traps to kill me. I cannot allow this to happen. Not that life isn't fun, but I grow weary of the days, the light, and the goodness of the citizens of Midlight. I allow these thoughts to run through my head until I finally reach the Wayfarer. Searching the area first, than going inside meet Rachina the bartender. I walk to where the rooms are sold. Finding out the amount I am going to pay for this room makes me laugh. I nod and pay the keeper and I am given the key. I follow the keepers directions until I make it to the door with the same marking as on the key. I put the unlock and enter my new room. After scattering my possessions and various items around the room I lay down apon the bed.

Letting my mind wander I wonder if there was a way to squeeze the good and perfect people of Iridine, so that the natural hate and discomfort that is there can be released. Everyone says that Cinners are bad, and that they are going to take over Iridine. I could care less. The Cinners, the Iridians, the foreigners, what is the difference to me? They are all people that live in Midlight for me to prey on. Life is only worth living if you make some kind of profit. How you make this profit... that is a matter not only of what you are good at, but also what you have a chance to do. I think back to being a child and my parents worked as servants for a wealthy patrician. They made very little moneys for the amount of effort they put into their work. My father died first and he left me and my mother with nothing. I was than put to work in the house with my mother. I found the work, not to my liking, and I spent most of my time watching the work being done and being beaten as a result. As time went on I remember my mother giving me part of her supper so I could stay healthy. The day she fell down because she was so weak she could not work, was the day I started to steal. I stole small items at first. Such as food, or a coin or two. I find that this was much more easier than actually working for the denar to pay for these things. Than one day I was caught taking a carrot from the pot. My first and last mistake. I left the house and I entered the city, where I first started to prey on Iridine's citizens and wealthy patricians.....

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