Thief's Life, Part 2

written by 200XR

Night and Monlon seem to be approaching at the same time. Mumbling as I fumble around in my sack looking for a torch. Finally resting my fingers on a lantern I stole a long time ago, I take it out and light it, it's light making me wince and pull away. I learned along time ago that light makes you an easier target for people to see you. It also takes a bit of time to adjust your eyes to the light and darkness. I like being part of the darkness and not the light.... I watch my thoughts and wonder if the city is breeding stupid and ignorant people or if I have just not been around people for too long. As I walk into Monlon I see 4 men with gladius already drawn and they are looking at me through the pouring rain, and I know that they are not just waiting for a friend. I pull my hood closer around my face and when I go to move past the man, he pushed his gladius against my right arm. I calmly rest my hand on my dagger, while looking around for an exit... just in case.

"Sir, where are you off to?" says the third man.

"Just to my room" I grunt.

"Over our dead bodies" says the one with the gladius pointed at me, and than he lunges at me, but I calmly sidestep his attack.

While the third is drawing his gladius, the second man takes a spear from his sack. I sneer at this gladius, gladius, and spear against my dagger. I jab at the first's face, scoring a lucky critical hit, and I hit two more times before he strikes again. He misses me. When the man with the spear fumbles his spear, I take it calmly and laugh at them all.

"Lets see if I still remember how to use this" and I approach the third man. I impale this man quickly twice, while the first gladius starts to approach me again. I leave the spear in the second gladius man, and I turn again to the first gladius. He snarls at me and I start a bunch of hits to this mans face until he falls. The man who was wielding his spear, is thinking aloud, just trying to get help. I search over these man, grab some weapons and their sacks and with an evil laugh, turn to the Inn. Taking the key from my pouch and unlocking the door, I laugh, for this day was much more exciting than the normal day for me. I stretch out on my bed after distributing my new items in my room, than going to sleep. Tommorow is a new day.....

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