A Thieves morning

By TECManiac

You wake up from a deep sleep. You sit up from a pile of hay that serves as your bed. Your feeling good today, the last past days have been good to you, you've been putting so many workers out of a job in Vetallun you aren't sure if you should let them get their reaping hooks back before you hit them up again or just steal what ever tool they have on them, And the patricians have been donating mone quite readily to you. You decide that today you want to make some money for a new purchase that has been on your mind. Perhaps retiring your old mask for a nice hood you might get from a friend or maybe hit up a corrupt constable for one. You take your good dirk from under a large pile of hay and wipe it clean, knowing that by the end of the day it will have so much oil from the leather of pouches on it that you will hardly be able to hold onto it. You stand up, put a few peices of armor that you think you may need for when you must engage those angry citizen and they find out your after their pouches and open the gate to your stall in the stables. You make your way to the bank making note of the weather and of people who might be a nice target. The sun is shining so you know that people won't be wearing sagums for the most part today.

You get to the bank wait for it to clear out and withdraw you mask from your account. The clerk gives you a glance. He knows what your up to. You've been doing this same routine for over a year now. He smiles at you and makes a say with a grin on his face something to the effect of 'how is everything today' you nod slowly as he motions for his attendant to bring your belongings up to the counter. He starts writing a note in his book and say, 'be sure to bring me a nice sum for your account', you grin at him. You nod to him and shake his hand as you walk out wearing your mask. You noticed some people at the Wayfarer so you decide to head there before they leave. As you walk people on the streets give you sideway glances and looks of dicontent. For the most part you ignore them. You have been through this before and you know what to do. Upon reaching Vetallun Road you get down on your hands and knees and crawl over in front of the door. You peer in through the window and see your target sitting having a spicy meal of mutton. You can tell he is headed for a markey probably to buy some nice armor he must be loaded cause he has been a resident of the city for quite some time and is a well know Gladii wielder and he is wearing almost no armor. You stand up brush yourself off a bit and go over your plan in your head. You walk in through the door to the Wayfarers common room. Immediatly the unarmored man notices you and stands as he draws his gladius. You quickly approach him and slash at his face with your retalq dirk, cutting him open and throwing him off guard. You slice his first sack right from his back. Without hestitation he attacks you chopping at you but luckly you escape with only a slight wound and slice his last remaining sack. As you make ready to flee the man gets another attack off, but your honed skills allows you to sway out of the way of his attack with astonishing ease. As you retreat and walk out the back door making sure not to go the same way you came you give a light laugh, knowing you have this mans money and all it cost you was at most two minutes and a slight cut on your neck. As you rumage through the sack you find things that can not easily be estimated in price. A fancy ring and some clothing, and a nice gladius but then you come to what interests you most, the money. You count through the coins and stop when you reach 3000 denar knowing that you got a pretty nice load off of this man with no armor. You decide that since the morning is still young that you might as well start taking donations from patricians. So you head to your favorite spot and looking for your favorite people. They pass by you hardly noticing you at all, just one of the benenfits of 'hunting' the upper class.

You slowly move near a group of them releaving them of the wieght of their pouches without any of them noticing. Having made well over your desired goal for the morning you decide it's time you get a drink at the Toga and go keep your promise to the bank clerk. As you walk to the toga a small band of vigilanties comes upon you. You however have much greater determination then them and easily escape from they're brutish attempt to stop you. Making your way to the toga without any further problems you pick up a cup of mead and decide to relax, leaning on the bar. Someone outside thinks it might be funny to try to get you in trouble and lets a constable know where you are. You will never understand what kind of humor this city holds. You decide the constable doesn't want to follow you just as much as you don't want to be thrown in jail so you quickly make your way to the bank. You walk in, still wearing your mask, and the few patrians at the bank give a quick look at you and return to their own business. As you deposit your money you feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that this morning has brought you closer to your goal. you have made well over 4 talents and it is still the morning. But not looking to push your luck you deposit you money and look for a safe place where you can remove your mask. You decide that you'll keep some money out of the bank for Leda when she charges you to her hearts content for training. As you make your way to the training room you start thinking about your plans for the afternoon, knowing that the patricians will have exausted there cents in only a few hours.

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