Thief's Life

written by 200XR

Waking in my Monlon Inn room I decide that I have been lacking in my field of training, and I decide with a groan to go into Iridine and spend my day somewhere training for just alittle bit. Grabbing my silver denar that had been with me from the beggining, and pulling my hooded cloak around me, for the rain was really comming down, I leave Monlon for a small walk through Vetallun, watching the nearby people cast a sideways glance at me as I walk by in silence. The whole way to Iridine, I palm and unpalm my denar inside my hooded cloak. I want no trouble with anyone, but being a true Iridine thief, not one of those Altene thiefs, who get caught more times than naught. Resting my left hand on my dark dull dagger, watching for either a rich patrician or trouble. Walking to Iridine I stop a slice a net bag from a servant easily and pick through the contents of the bag, eating the good tasting cake and taking the bottle of wine. I discard the bag and look around my surrounding before watching for a wealthy patrician to walk by, and swiftly slicing the mans two pouches and retreating quickly. The man hardly even knew what happened. I chuckle to myself, knowing he will cry out when he finds himself 800 denar short at the bank.

Finding myself bored with this petty way of training, I decide to challenge myself with stealing from the bigger and stronger. I boldly walk to the baths, searching for a victim to prey on. Seeing a tired man laying in the warm baths with two sacks begging me to take them. Drawing my dagger and slicing both sacks and than looking at the man one last time, to see a small sack in his hands. Watching the man stand and draw his gladius, makes me laugh. I let the man approach me, and while I am ducking his chop at me, I grab his sack. In my thoughts I hear his sad cry for help as I turn my attention to his face. I jab my dagger at his face several times, than retreat up the stairs. Nodding to Layana on my way out I know that the crowds of people are on there way from the toga and other places to see me in my hood, and possibly take it from me. I laugh gently as I look inside the small sack to see over a talents worth in denar, and a small pair of earrings. I watch the sun go down, as I have now removed my hood and sit with the people of Iridine, at their Stone Toga, drinking their wine and eating their mutton. They do not know who I am, and I like it that way. Waiting until most people are either sleeping or dancing with the scum of the alleys, I pull my hood over my head again and make my slow walk back to Monlon to sleep.......

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